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International Journal of Agricultural Management (IJAM).

The Journal of International Agricultural Management (IJAM) replaced our previous ‘Journal of International Farm Management’ (JIFM) as the official Journal of the International Farm Management Association.  

This Journal (launched in October 2011) was a joint online publication with the Institute of Agricultural Management UK and replaced their ‘Journal of Farm Management’.

IJAM ceased publication in December 2020, we thank contributors for supporting this publication and IAgrM for the support they gave to this Journal.

Past copies of IJAM, the Journal of Farm Management (JOFM) and the Journal of International Farm Management can be found by using the following web address. https://www.iagrm.org.uk/journal  



Information about the old ‘Journal of International Farm Management’. (ISSN 1816-2495) – Now Discontinued.

We no longer accept papers for JIFM.

The ‘Journal of International Farm Management’ commenced publication as ‘Farm Management International’ in 1985.  In 1992 the Journal assumed its new title. IFMA re-launched the Journal as an ‘online journal’ with the first edition (Vol3.Ed1) in July 2005, and the final edition in June 2011 (Vol5 Ed4).

The Journal was published under the auspices of the International Farm Management Association.  The Association decided in 2003 to move from hard copy format to on-line publication only.

The JIFM was a refereed journal.  Articles submitted for publication underwent a peer review process before being accepted for publication.  The peer review process was designed to ensure that articles meet certain standards and that the Journal is a publication of high academic standing. 

International Journal of Agricultural Management

ISSN 2047-3710

IJAM coverInternational Journal of Agricultural Management (IJAM)

IJAM is co-published by the Institute of Agricultural Management (UK) and the International Farm Management Association.  

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 The new Journal is an online Journal published and hosted on a professional journal website.



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