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AP – Vibrant Agricultural Management Messages From Africa

Sub-Saharan Africans are often frustrated by bad news emanating from their continent, including mismanagement stories and prognoses of agricultural failure. While acknowledging the huge challenges facing Africa, this Paper (widely illustrated from several African countries) seeks to identify key factors ...Read More

AP – Vibrant Agricultural Management Messages From Africa

Among the changes that the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy is demanding from the UK farm industry, is the urgent need for a different style of leadership. The economic support to farmers has been decoupled from production and moved ...Read More

PR – Leadership Development In The UK Farming Industry: Outcomes Of A Leadership Programme

Rural unemployment and rural depopulation are common concerns of European countries, especially the new EU accession and candidate countries. The context for this paper is the substantial change in labour requirements, opportunities and responses of the labour force following the ...Read More

PR – Agricultural & Non-agricultural Rural Employment In The EU: Issues And Strategies, With Special Reference To Accession & Candidate Countries

The study is based on a detailed analysis of seven case study farms to assess the economic contribution of the Entry Level Scheme (ELS) to farm income. Theoretically agri-environment schemes should not make a positive contribution to farm income. On ...Read More