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Stochastic Optimization: An Application To Sub-Arctic Dairy Farming

The paper demonstrates how a deterministic farm linear programming (LP) model can be made stochastic and simulated using Solver and Simetar© in Excel©. The demonstration is conducted with an LP-model for a dairy farm for a sub arctic region of Norway. The ...Read More

Stochastic Optimization: An Application To Sub-Arctic Dairy Farming

Norwegian dairy farmers are facing changes in the economic environment. Dairy farm models (LP) are designed to examine impacts of changes in economic conditions on production systems and profitability. The “typical” Norwegian dairy farm has a small quota compared to ...Read More

Forage Production And Feeding Of Dairy Cows At Changing Economic Conditions In Norway

Outfield range pastures with widely dispersed sheep are quite common in Norway, with a summer population of approximately 2.4 million animals. In many areas losses to predators are considerable and identifying efficient mitigating measures against predation is a prime target in nature ...Read More

External Effects Of Mitigating Measures To Reduce Large Carnivore Predation On Sheep

The optimal economic life cycle of grass leys with winter damage problems in northern Norway and the threshold of winter damage before it is profitable to re-seed grasses are investigated. The loss in profit of a sub-optimal strategy compared to ...Read More