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NPR – Sharemilking In New Zealand (p170-178)

This paper describes the essential features of sharemilking in New Zealand; the types of sharemilking agreements; the contribution to dairy output from farms on which a sharemilker is engaged; and sharemilking legislation. The paper outlines the essential features of variable ...Read More

NPR – Sharemilking In New Zealand (p170-178)

This paper provides an overview of the dairy sector in Bulgaria and discusses the challenges and opportunities faced by this sector in the last two decades. The dairy sector in Bulgaria has passed through several phases: transition period (1990-1999), EU ...Read More

PR – Development And Challenges Of Bulgarian Dairy Industry In The Last Two Decades (p181-188)

The NZ wool industry has been in significant strife for a number of years due to long-term competition from synthetic fibres, the lack of cohesion amongst key players along the wool industry supply chain and the declining returns to sheep ...Read More

PR – New Vision For New Zealand Strong Wool Industry (p254-264)

Previous research studies have suggested market oriented firms achieve superior performance relative to their peers (Narver and Slater, 1990). Observed performance differences may be attributable to the firm’s ability to clearly define how they provide value to the market (Narver, ...Read More

PR – Assessing Market Orientation And Firm Performance Across Value Disciplines In The Illinois Beef Sector (p453-466)

The purpose of this paper is to examine the financial performance of five pastoral dairy farming systems through the use of financial ratio analysis in the form of the Du Pont model and to determine any differences in the drivers ...Read More

PR – Competitive Strategy Analysis Of NZ Pastoral Farming Systems (p122-132)

Organic milk production in New Zealand has expanded in recent years in response to increasing global demand for organic product. Most comparisons between organic and conventional dairying available in the literature are from Europe or North America where the conventional ...Read More

PR – Comparisons Between Organic And Conventional Dairy Systems: Cost Of Production And Profitability

Strategic management is often reduced by researchers to a set of simple concepts and processes. They describe what strategy is and how it should be practiced. The models or schools of thought that have been developed began with a quite ...Read More