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Changing Farming Systems – Case Studies Assessing The Financial Implications

The ability to adapt to changing circumstance is a determinant of future farm prosperity. Managers need to assess the performance of their current farming system and alternative farming options to identify possible profitable management changes. This paper uses the STEP (Simulated ...Read More

Changing Farming Systems – Case Studies Assessing The Financial Implications

This paper is a summary of a project that compared the relative profitability of existing, emerging and prospective agroforestry systems with profitability of conventional agricultural land uses in the cropping zones of Western Australia and New South Wales. The project explored ...Read More

Comparing Profitability And Cash Flows Of Agroforestry And Agriculture On Australian Farms

In 2000 I was awarded a Nuffield Farming Scholarship to study the impact of biotechnology, in particular genetically modified crops, on international agricultural research, production and marketing. I studied this topic in 2001 in Canada, USA and United Kingdom in ...Read More

The Impact Of Biotechnology, In Particular Genetically Modified Crops On International Agricultural Research, Production And Marketing And How This Will Affect Agriculture In Western Australia.

This study examines the profitability of phase farming with lucerne for a farming system on the South Coast of Western Australia. Consistent with previous studies, lucerne appears promising within niches in the farming system. However, further improvements in the production and / ...Read More