Journal of International Farm Management (JIFM)

The original Journal of International Farm Management was launched as a paperback journal in 1985 – as Farm Management International.  Since 1992 it has been called the Journal of International Farm Management.

However the problems of the cost of postage and of collecting subscriptions for a small membership Journal proved extremely difficult, and as a result only a few editions were ever produced – Vol. 1 had 4 and Vol. 2 had 2 editions.  Sometime ago now it was decided to aim to put the Journal on the Internet – and since then we have strived to find a solution that was cost effective.

The re-launch as an Internet based Journal will start with Volume 3 Edition 1 – July 2005.  As soon as we can we will apply for an ISSN number – a new number is required with the change of format.

Please visit the Journal section of the website, and if you have an interest in either submitting a paper or in the future contents of the Journal, then please complete the “Register your Interest” form.

Please help us to develop the Journal into a highly respected and valuable international farm management resource by submitting papers and encouraging others to do so too.  For IFMA members, this is your Journal.

John Gardner is the Editing Manager and welcomes contact regarding the Journal – and in particular from those wishing to submit a paper for publishing in the Journal.  You can contact him at :

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