Notes For Contributors

Copied from the IJAM Website for your convenience (10/03/2015)

Contributions sought

We welcome contributions which meet the objectives of the Journal (see ‘About IJAM)), and which fit into one of the following categories: 

  • Articles based on original research, submitted for peer-review (up to 6000 words);
  • Reviews of ‘state-of-the-art’ of research in relevant arenas, again subject to peer-review (up to 6000 words);
  • Reviews of ‘state-of-the-art’ in agricultural or related practice (up to 5000 words);
  • Case Studies of innovative practice, including evaluation of results (up to 3000 words);
  • ‘Viewpoint’ articles taking a particular standpoint on current issues, and encouraging response from readers (up to 1500 words);
  • Professional updating pieces (e.g. in rural policy, market trends, managerial practice) (up to 3000 words);.
  • Book reviews (up to 1000 words).

Word counts include abstract and reference lists, but not tables and figures.  Articles must adhere to the word limits above.

Where a study is specific to a particular country or region we welcome an international dimension in literature reviews and conclusions.

What we offer contributors

For academic writers, IJAM will:

  • offer a quick turn-round from submission to publication;
  • guarantee an influential audience (combining the readerships of JIFM and JFM, as well as attracting new subscribers), with a particular interest to applied researchers;
  • provide an attractive vehicle to early-career researchers who are daunted by the competition to publish in high-impact journals. 
  • give an excellent opportunity for publication in an English-language publication, in a field that is under-represented in many parts of the world. 
  • Help to meet requirements for a comprehensive dissemination process in European and other publicly-funded projects, and cope with the rising emphasis on demonstrating ‘impact’ in judgements of research quality assessment, with the mixed readership of the Journal providing an ideal audience.

As a relatively new journal IJAM is not yet represented on citation indices, but applications for registration are pending.

For professionals such as consultants and advisers, a major incentive will be the opportunity to reach a wide audience and to highlight (indirectly) their own services or that of their employer.  Those involved in research and rural development projects will find the Journal valuable in meeting their dissemination requirements.  In some cases, it will be possible to reprint articles originally written for house magazines or conferences.

Guidance for contributors

Submission of articles to IJAM must conform to the specifications in the Notes for Contributors“.

A link to the Notes is provided below, and the document can be downloaded by clicking the link.   Please note the requirement for a covering letter to the Editor, and the specification for citing and listing references.  Submissions which do not conform will be returned.

Submissions must be written in good, clear English language, preferably proof-read by a native English speaker.  For authors who find this difficult we offer an English language polishing service via Charlesworth at, with a 10% discount for IJAM authors, applied at the point of purchase.  Non-UK authors should ignore references to VAT.

We adhere to the Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) ( .  Issues such as disputes over authorship, conflicts of interest, ethical concerns, and suspected misconduct of authors, reviewers or Editor, will be dealt with by following the appropriate COPE flowchart (

Here’s a useful and readable guide for would-be authors of journal articles.  If every author followed this advice they would save themselves, and the IJAM Editor, a great deal of time and effort.  And, in some cases, disappointment:

Even better is  “How to get your writing published in scholarly journals” by Linda Olson, a free download from Proofreading Services:  This is stuffed full of good advice, written by someone who understands the frustrations of being a journal editor.  I particularly like the emphasis on careful observance of the guidance for contributors – very few submissions to IJAM get this right, and some get it so wrong that they bite the dust immediately.  If you want your article to have the best chance of publication, and your Editor to stay sane, read this book!

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You must download and read the “Notes for Contributors” document either from the link provided (bottom left) or from the IJAM Website 

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