IFMA’s New Look Website – April 2015

The New Website carries all the same content as the old website but has some new functionality and features.

New Features

  1. The new website has been set up so as to allow easy viewing of the website on mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones.
  2. The Congress Proceedings area has had a complete revamp to make it easier to find papers, posters, presentations and, where available, field trip information from the IFMA Congresses. 
    The website carries all the papers since 2002 (13th IFMA Congress in The Netherlands).  The Peer Review option for contributed papers started at the 16th Congress in Ireland (2007).  The full papers, presentations etc. are provided in PDF format so that they can be downloaded.
    More recent Congresses have had 3 volumes of papers – Vol.1 has the Peer Reviewed Papers from the congress, Vol.2 has the Non-Peer Reviewed Papers and Posters, and Vol.3 has the Invited Speaker Presentations and their Papers where provided, and the Field Trip Information as provided at the congress. Each volume of papers, posters, presentations has the items listed – with a prefix to indicate what type of paper / poster / presentation / field trip they are. 
    The additional features (compared to the old website) are:
    1. By clicking on the Country (blue button) of a paper – you will get a full list of papers (from all volumes / congresses) that have been presented by authors from that country.
    2. By clicking on an author’s name you will get a list of all the papers that the author has presented at all congresses since 2002.
    3. By clicking on the author’s organisation you will get a full list of all the papers given by author’s from that organisation (again from all volumes / congresses).

We believe this increased functionality will increase visitors ability to find the papers and information that they require.

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