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NPR – Managing Towards Fairer International Agricultural Trading (FIAT) (p294-306)

Both political extremes of stifling communist control and unregulated extreme greed capitalism have proved unsustainable. This paper argues that the arts of management should be applied, rather than leaving farmers to drown in a tsunami of liberalisation, exacerbated by Trade ...Read More

NPR – Managing Towards Fairer International Agricultural Trading (FIAT) (p294-306)

Some researchers have found that farmers’ participation in social and commercial networks is an important driver of innovation in rural areas. The present article extends this traditional research with the objective of determining whether this result also holds in turbulent ...Read More

PR – Understanding Innovation In A Dynamic Agricultural Business Environment: A Multivariate Approach (p513-522)

Bioenergy has been granted an official role in the UK to contribute significantly to sustainability targets in the coming years and yet the position with farmers and rural entrepreneurs is generally confused. Financial support, electricity tariffs, the availability of advice ...Read More

PR – The Future Contribution Of Bioenergy Enterprises To Rural Business Viability In The U.K. (p39-53)

Presentation (24pages) The Brief for this presentation:“One specialist in futures market and one on Anti-trust Laws will be the other members on the panel. Although your are free to choose how you will address the subject, I think you should ...Read More

Management Techniques For The Agribusiness

In many river floodplains in the UK there has been a long history of flood defence, land reclamation and water regime management for farming. In recent years, changing policies with respect to farming, environment and flood management is encouraging a ...Read More

Integrating Flood Management And Agri-environment Through Washland Creation In The UK

This paper discusses the pros and cons of contract production of agricultural products and specifically investigates contract pig production in the USA. Discussion includes the impact that contract production will have on the traditional farm life as many think of it. The ...Read More