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PR – Risk Adjusted Cost Efficiency Indices

This paper examines the impact of downside risk on cost efficiency for a sample of farms. Cost efficiency was estimated using traditional input and output measures, and then re-estimated including each farm’s downside risk score. Comparisons were made with and ...Read More

PR – Risk Adjusted Cost Efficiency Indices

The cost efficiency of the dairy subsector has been analyzed using data for four FADN regions in Poland for the period 2004/05-2007/08. The cost inefficiency indexes have been calculated for each farm from each region. Overall, all applied measures have ...Read More

PR – The Differences In Cost Efficiency Of Dairy Farms In Four Regions Of Poland

PLPr – Using Research Partnerships To Generate Wealth (presentation 3.1mb)

The aging farm population, the need for replacement farmers for those who are or will retire, beginning farmer schemes and farm family business succession planning have been and continue to be issues that are receiving a great deal of attention ...Read More

NPR – What’s It Worth If You Stay On The Farm (p236-243)

This paper describes a dairy development program created by members of the North Carolina dairy industry to slow or reverse the downward trend in the state’s milk production. Under leadership provided by several organizations, a strategic plan was developed for ...Read More

NPR – Dairy Advantage: Growing North Carolina’s Dairy Industry Through Improved Farm Management Practices (p118-123)

During the past decade, there have been significant structural changes in how Ohio State University delivers farm management education. The number of state and regional farm management Extension specialists in Ohio has declined drastically until in 2008 there were no ...Read More

NPR – Meeting Farmer’s Need For Farm Management Education Using Multi Media And Educator Specialization (p60-63)

Benchmarking is a powerful management tool that agricultural producers can use to manage risk and improve profitability. Benchmarking allows producers to evaluate how they are doing compared to other producers, helps them identify where their business can be improved, and ...Read More

NPR – The Benefits Of Financial Benchmarking To Farmers In The United States (p275-282)

The use of business planning in U.S. agriculture has grown rapidly in the past decade. A decade or two ago, the concept of developing a business plan for farmers or ranchers was rarely discussed by either producers or farm management ...Read More

NPR – An Innovative Approach To Developing An Agricultural Business Plan (p112-117)

The purpose of this paper was to examine the financial performance of a sample of crop/beef cow farms using the operating profit margin ratio and farm growth as relevant measures. Farms were divided into four performance categories: low profit/low growth; ...Read More

NPR – Financial Performance Configurations (p145-150)

In 2007, OSU Extension professionals developed and conducted a farm succession program for farm business in Ohio, USA. The team’s first objective was to develop Extension resources to help farm families as they discuss how to transfer the family businesses. ...Read More