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NPR – Agtransitions: Developing A Farm Business Transition Plan

The average age of U.S. farmers and ranchers is over 57 years old. Nearly 30 percent of U.S. producers are over 65 years old. This means that more than 650,000 U.S. producers need to make decisions about the future of ...Read More

NPR – Agtransitions: Developing A Farm Business Transition Plan

The transfer of innovations and knowledge to farmers can be improved by increased understanding of farmers’ decision making and their sources of information. To assist, farmers attending the Purdue University Top Farmer Crop Workshops (TFCW) have responded to brief questionnaires. ...Read More

NPR – Risks, Attitudes And Sources Of Information Of Large-Scale Corn Belt Farmers

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PO – Embracing Ohio’s New, Beginning, And Minority Farmers

Few attempts have been made to account for the potential costs associated with soil nutrient mining or the potential benefits associated with nutrient remobilization in switchgrass pastures established and managed as a dedicated bioenergy feedstock crop. Continuous soil nutrient mining ...Read More

PR – Economic Costs Of Soil Nutrient Mining And Benefits From Plant Nutrient Recycling: The Case Of Switchgrass Produced For Bioenergy Feedstock

Every year, some farmers will do better than other farmers. Whether by luck, better management, more rainfall, a different enterprise mix, etc., a subset of farmers will be more profitable than another subset of farmers. However, over a period of ...Read More

PR – Are The Most Profitable Farms Consistently The Most Profitable

Income tax regulations in the United States are complex, voluminous, and ever changing. Continuing education for professional tax preparers is necessary and is required for most categories of tax professionals. For decades the cooperative extension services of the Land Grant ...Read More

PR – Agricultural And Rural Income Tax Education Over The Years: An Extension Program Of Land Grant Universities

There is increasing interest in the United States to expand the use of anaerobic digestion (AD) as a means to generate renewable energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from dairy operations. Economic feasibility is the primary constraint facing farmers and ...Read More

PR – Economic Analysis Of Anerobic Co-digestion Using Dairy Manure And Byproduct Feedstocks

In the southern Great Plains of the United States of America, farmers are trying to determine the most profitable way to restock their cow herds after the droughts that have occurred since 2003. During this time, farmers reduced their herds ...Read More

PR – Should Small Farms Raise Their Own Replacement Heifers?

Strip intercropping, the planting narrow strips of different crops side by side in the same field, can generate greater crop yields and total revenue than planting the equivalent number of acres in large, monoculture fields. Although experimental data have shown ...Read More

PR – Potential Profitability Of Strip Intercropping With Corn And Soybeans

Using results of a questionnaire survey of large farms in California, this study investigated the relation between information management and the scope of firms, especially integration into drying and warehousing. First, the majority of large farms are equipped with information ...Read More