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Case Study: The Evolution Of Western Integrated Resource Education From Rural Byways To The Information Super-Highway

Western Integrated Resource Education (WIRE) began as an integrated, team-taught, farm and ranch resource management course developed and offered by cooperative extension personnel across four western U.S. states. It has evolved into a series of online, Internet courses through more than ...Read More

Case Study: The Evolution Of Western Integrated Resource Education From Rural Byways To The Information Super-Highway

The type of public participation or community consultation process used by communities to resolve natural resource management issues will have a major impact on the types of decisions which result. A familiar process is the “expert” model where expertise is ...Read More

Toward Better Outcomes For Natural Resource Management Decisions – The Potential Of Public Deliberation

For risk analysis, it is often useful to divide total risk into business risk and financial risk. Business risk is from the variability of returns to assets while financial risk is from the debt employed by the farm business. Young, ...Read More

Farm Financial Structure Under Uncertainty: An Application To Young Farmers

The most dramatic change occurring in agricultural production is the change in business strategies. In the US, family farmers have traditionally made decisions with whatever information they could independently gather. Today, the ability to assimilate an overload of data into decision ...Read More

Management Advisory Groups For The Changing Agricultural Structure

There has been a movement toward developing production and marketing alliances in the beef cattle sector in the United States to improve communications and ultimately provide higher priced branded products consistent with consumer demand. Beef cattle producers do not employ ...Read More

Measuring Producer Level Beef Cattle Alliance Financial Performance

This paper compares current Extension educational program efforts to improve the economic performance of the beef enterprise in Kentucky with the Sustainable Grazing System that has been developed and successfully applied to improve the performance of the beef industry in the ...Read More

Comparing Educational Programs To Improve Beef Production

Most farmers are notoriously bad at knowing what to charge for their products. They cope with the vagaries of nature better than pricing outputs sufficiently to cover costs and to provide enough money for farm growth, and their living expenses. ...Read More

Selecting Profitable Enterprises Or Selling The Farm

The objective of this study is to undertake a meta-analysis seeking to explain the variation in average technical efficiency focusing on the agricultural sector. For this purpose, a meta-analysis of 126 technical efficiency studies on the agricultural sector of developing ...Read More

A Meta-analysis Of Technical Efficiency In Farming: A Multi-country Perspective

This paper analysis the effects of farmer characteristics, firm structure and firm performance on firm renewal and firm growth. The data set used in this research consists of panel data from the Dutch Farm Accountancy Data Network of firms specialized ...Read More

Analysis Of Farm Development In Dutch Agriculture And Horticulture

Small and intermediate full time farmers in Kentucky are finding it difficult to remain profitable and continue in business. Agriculture trends continue toward larger scale operations. These trends have been driven by economies of scale when purchasing inputs, reduced profit ...Read More