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Determining Educational Needs: A Focus Group Approach

The first step in planning and delivering a successful program is to identify the needs and interests of the target audience. The North Central Risk Management Education Center, which provides grants for educational programs for producers in the 12 north ...Read More

Determining Educational Needs: A Focus Group Approach

Risk is important for farmers’ choice of cropping system. The aim of this study was to compare risk of organic, integrated and conventional cropping systems. Experimental cropping system data (1991-1999) from eastern Norway were combined with budgeted data. Empirical distributions ...Read More

Comparison Of Risk In Organic, Integrated And Conventional Cropping Systems In Eastern Norway

This paper suggests that most small agribusinesses can use a short cut to see how their firms are doing financially. The short cut requires that they calculate and follow (1) profit and (2) free cash flow. Both are defined and ...Read More

Free Cash Flow Is At Least As Important As Profit In Assessing A Farm Firm

This paper takes the notion that entrepreneurs are good for economies and outlines what countries can do to encourage entrepreneurship It suggests that citizen rights and freedom are directly related with entrepreneurial activity. Illegal entrepreneurial activity is mentioned as an ...Read More

If We Want Entrepreneurs We Need To Provide The Right Environment

Presentation (33pages) Objective: Document the economic development process Changes in food demand - Production adjustments - Single resource-based factor measure - Cereal Equivalents (CE)

Economic Development And Food Demand Changes: Production And Management Implications

As a topic for discussion, the modernization of Brazilian agriculture is especially interesting and important. In the first place, Brazil, together with Argentina, is rapidly becoming an important “breadbasket” for the world. It is competing exceptionally well with the United ...Read More

The Modernization Of Brazilian Agriculture

This paper emphasises the importance of budgeting for a family run firm. It concentrates on the inadequacy of the typical budget forecast that is shown to firm owners and lenders. This original budget is changed to a useful indicator of ...Read More

Reducing Budget Risk By Using Probabilities

Since the enactment of the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001, owners and operators of farms and ranches have opportunities to evaluate new estate planning strategies for the transfer of farm businesses to subsequent generations. However, with ...Read More

Estate Planning And Farm Transfer In A Changing Legislative Environment: North Carolina, U.S.A. An Example

Enterprising Rural Families (ERFTM) is an international course for the rural family in business. ERFTM teaches a process of finding success, resilience and satisfaction for rural families engaged in enterprises; including agriculture. Instructors from the United States, Canada and Australia have teamed ...Read More

Enterprising Rural Families: Making It Work

This paper focuses on expanding our understanding of how alliance formation and evolution occurs over time. Grounded in an empirical case study of “Cellars of Canterbury”, a New Zealand wine production and marketing joint venture between five Canterbury wineries, we ...Read More