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PR – Market Orientation, Social Embeddedness And Firm Profitability: An Empirical Exploration Of The US Beef Industry

The U.S. beef industry is currently in a transition phase. As with most agricultural commodity sectors, beef producers generally perceive themselves as anonymous price takers in the market. As a result, most producers view increased operational efficiency as their only ...Read More

PR – Market Orientation, Social Embeddedness And Firm Profitability: An Empirical Exploration Of The US Beef Industry

The objective of this research is to evaluate impacts of moving to a less trade distorting commodity program. An optimal control stochastic simulation model is teamed with primary representative farm data and a whole farm simulation model to evaluate the ...Read More

PR – Potential Cost Of Being Less Trade Distorting On U.S. Crop Farms

The rural West has experienced dramatic demographic and economic transformations over the past decade. The make-up of farm operators has altered significantly and enterprises are increasingly at greater production, financial, marketing, human, and institutional risks. Given the importance of University ...Read More

PR – Defining New Clientele For University Outreach In The West

Customised derivatives are developed for the agriculture industry to decrease the volatility of input or output prices. These derivatives can be attractive for agriculture producers because a substantial part of the business risk in agriculture is caused by fluctuating commodity ...Read More

PR – Customized Commodity Derivatives; An Alternative To Reduce Financial Risks On Farms.

Plant-based precision nitrogen fertilizer application technologies have been developed as a way to predict nitrogen needs. This paper determines the expected profit from using plant sensing to determine nitrogen needs in winter wheat. The equipment necessary for precision application of ...Read More

PR – What Is The Potential For Precision Agriculture Based On Plant Sensing?

As a result of the 2003 reform of the Common Agricultural Policy Irish dairy farmers will be confronted with declining milk prices and reduced profitability per hectare. One possible solution to this problem is to reduce their drystock numbers and ...Read More

PR – The Impact Of The Rural Environmental Protection Scheme On Irish Dairy Farm Performance And The Consequences In A Decoupled World

The major sources of variability of net farm income on individual New York dairy farms over the past 10 years are identified using methods in variance decomposition. The most important source of income variability is the fluctuation in the price ...Read More

PR – Quantifying The Sources Of Dairy Farm Business Risk And Understanding The Implications For Risk Management Strategies

The effects of inputs and business factors on the four milk outputs of aggregate milk, butterfat, protein, and other solids were estimated using four individual production functions, and a separate stochastic output distance function, with New York dairy farm data. ...Read More

PR – Milk Components And Farm Business Characteristics: Estimation Of Production Functions Versus A Multiple Output Distance Function

The paper demonstrates how a deterministic farm linear programming (LP) model can be made stochastic and simulated using Solver and Simetar© in Excel©. The demonstration is conducted with an LP-model for a dairy farm for a sub arctic region of Norway. The ...Read More

Stochastic Optimization: An Application To Sub-Arctic Dairy Farming

Globalization is a fundamental force currently shaping agricultural sector throughout the world. To make sound decisions in a globalised economy, agricultural producers and agribusiness managers must have a high level of understanding of the international dimensions of their industry. To ...Read More