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AP – A New Approach In Farm Business Analysis To Fit A Changing Farmland Investment Market

Increasing non-farm demand for land in developed countries is changing the farmland market and the business dynamics of owning it. Farmland’s value is now based less on the economic value of farm products it can produce and more on the ...Read More

AP – A New Approach In Farm Business Analysis To Fit A Changing Farmland Investment Market

Over the past two decades the world’s agricultural markets have undergone rapid expansion and structural change as a series of important trends including increasing global consumer wealth, expanding populations but decreasing household sizes, increased market access, and effectively unconstrained availability ...Read More

Pl. Pres. – Competing In Tomorrow’s Marketplace: Trends & Strategic Implications For Agricultural Producers

The world's demand for food is expected to double in the first half of the 21st century with a 50% increase from population growth and another 50% increase from increases in income which empower presently low income people to consume ...Read More

Pl. Pres. – World Agriculture: The Forces For Change

Keywords: sustainable production, grazing, efficiency.

Po. Lost Rivers Grazing Academy: Mig For Sustainable Livestock Production

Keywords: rural family, enterprise management, risk management.

Po. Right-risk: Risk Management Training For Agricultural Managers In The Rural United States

The objective of this paper was to examine productivity differences among individual farms. The Malmquist index approach was used to estimate productivity for each farm and to decompose productivity change into technical change and efficiency change. The relationship between productivity ...Read More

PR – Productivity And Farm Size

Implementation of best management practices into the beef cow enterprise is critical for long-term success. Previous literature suggests that pregnancy testing is valuable to the beef cow operation; however, less than half of producers in the southern Plains region of ...Read More

PR – The Value Of Pregnancy Testing Spring-calving Beef Cows

Recreational leases for hunting, fishing, and wildlife watching provide a means by which landowners can supplement their income from land ownership. The income from recreational use is likely to provide incentives to conserve and manage land characteristics that enhance wildlife ...Read More

PR – Recreational Leases As Means To Increase Landowner Income And Enhance Biodiversity: Observations From Illinois, USA

New Zealand is a small nation with 4 million people and a 2005 GDP of US$105 billion. Traditionally the country’s economy has relied on export earnings from an efficient agricultural system. In the past 50 years it has moved from ...Read More

PR – Identifying Training Needs In New Zealand’s Sports Turf Industry

Technology is continually improving the technical efficiency of agriculture. Advances in seeds, chemicals, machinery, and other inputs are allowing farmers to produce more than ever before and with fewer inputs. In addition, the available supply of agricultural labour has been ...Read More