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Modern Agricultural Entrepreneurship

Drastic changes in Dutch agriculture have made agricultural entrepreneurship increasingly complex. But are farmers dealing with this complexity, and if so, how? This study, entitled ‘the mystery of entrepreneurship’, attempts to answer these questions. The aim of the research is ...Read More

Modern Agricultural Entrepreneurship

The paper examines the importance of pig population density in the area of an outbreak of CSF for the spread of the disease and the choice of control measures. A sector-level market and trade model and a spatial, stochastic, dynamic ...Read More

Strategies To Control Classical Swine Fever: Cost And Risk Perspectives

A study based on the literature, an on- farm audit and expert knowledge, was carried out to determine 1) the risks of spread of animal diseases among farms; 2) odour nuisance due to carcasses at the rendering plant; and 3) ...Read More

Risk Analyses Of Disposal Of Pig Carcasses Smaller Than 40 Kg In The Netherlands

Several times during the last decade consumers have been warned about different incidents concerning food safety, like, salmonella in eggs, cheese and poultry, and pesticides residues in tomatoes. The problem of food safety is still to be a largely latent ...Read More

Consumers’ Perception Of Milk Safety

Empirical tests are provided to determine the optimal leverage adjustment in transitional economy. Econometric model of agricultural firm capital structure is specified and estimated in order to analyze, how different factors affect agricultural firm’s capital structure. Issues in financial structure, ...Read More

Farm Sector Capital Structure Indicators In Estonia

Agricultural researchers widely recognise the importance of sustainable agricultural production systems and the need to develop appropriate methods to measure sustainability. The principal purpose of this paper is to evaluate the financial and environmental aspects of sustainability of Organic, Integrated ...Read More

Sustainability Of Organic, Integrated And Conventional Farming Systems In Tuscany

Hungary’s imminent entrance into the EU calls for a farm-level financial support system aiming at combining agricultural production with nature conservation targets. Within the Hungarian National Agri-environmental Programme (NAEP) for the Environmentally Sensitive Areas, a payment system was developed. For ...Read More