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AP – Dairy Farmers’ Plans In Central Europe Under New EU Policies

After accession to EU, farmers in the new-member states need to adjust to the EU agricultural policies. A review is presented of county reports from the Central and Eastern European countries. As case study of small scale farming an analysis ...Read More

AP – Dairy Farmers’ Plans In Central Europe Under New EU Policies

In the Netherlands a network program is active. Groups of farmers are stimulated to work together with researchers to achieve certain goals. I will address in my contribution questions, like what is a network, how does a network emerge and ...Read More

AP – Cow-alition, From Solo To Strategic Alliance Networks Have More Innovative Potential Than Individuals

Important developments and changes in knowledge chains and networks do happen in agriculture. For farmers in the EU more emphasis on the level of entrepreneurship, in comparison to skills and management, will come because of the increasing uncertainties caused by ...Read More

Pl. Paper – Research, Education And Innovation: Vital Driving Factors In Agriculture

Keywords: sustainable glasshouse horticulture, health care farming, entrepreneurship, social and therapeutic glasshouse horticulture.    

Po. Social And Therapeutic Glasshouse Horticulture

By means of a survey among arable farmers the interest for multi-peril crop insurance was studied and the role public policy should play according to farmers was elicited. While the majority of the respondents were in favour of a public-private ...Read More

PR – Demand For Multi-peril Crop Insurance: What Role Should Public Policy Play?

Customised derivatives are developed for the agriculture industry to decrease the volatility of input or output prices. These derivatives can be attractive for agriculture producers because a substantial part of the business risk in agriculture is caused by fluctuating commodity ...Read More

PR – Customized Commodity Derivatives; An Alternative To Reduce Financial Risks On Farms.

The economic effect for farms of on-farm nature conservation is an important issue in Dutch agriculture. As nature is a public good, nature conservation cannot do without subsidies from the government. The question of how much farmers should receive in ...Read More

PR – Economic Effects Of On-farm Nature Conservation For Dairy Farms

Due to all kinds of external and internal changes that have taken place on the farm in recent years, entrepreneurial competencies are becoming increasingly important for farmers. Investigating the possibilities for improving these competencies by means of a training programme ...Read More

PR – Evaluation Of A Training Programme Designed To Improve The Entrepreneurial Competencies Of Dutch Dairy Farmers.

Entry of new and exit of existing firms are two crucial decisions and they have a special meaning for development of economy and the particular sector or industry. It is a way of introducing new technologies, products and management approaches. ...Read More

PR – The Determinants Of Entry And Exit Decision In Dutch Glasshouse Horticulture

Measurement of entire supply chain performance is an important issue, because it allows for ‘tracking and tracing’ of efficacy and efficiency failures and leads to more informed decisionmaking with regards to chain organization. The ultimate aim of implementing a performance measurement system is ...Read More