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PR – Sustainable Agriculture, Good Farming Practices And Application Of Quality Assurance Schemes In Dairy Sector (p307-315)

Good farming practices are part of EU policies to stimulate sustainability in agriculture. This is part of the so called Cross-Compliance conditions. To enhance social responsible behavior quality assurance schemes are in operation including good farming practices. Practices and product ...Read More

PR – Sustainable Agriculture, Good Farming Practices And Application Of Quality Assurance Schemes In Dairy Sector (p307-315)

Information exchange is a crucial factor in modern farm management, especially when the whole agri-food supply chain network is taken into account. This requires flexible information systems for which a common digital infrastructure is needed. Development of such an infrastructure ...Read More

PR – Agri-food Living Lab: The Virtual Meeting Place For Open Innovation On Farm Information Management And Ict Development (p496-504)

‘De Tolakker’ is the educational research farm of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine from the Utrecht University in the Netherlands with separate stables for dairy cows, pigs and sheep. The dairy farm of the Tolakker is an organic farm and ...Read More

CS – De Tolakker Organic Dairy Farm At The Faculty Of Veterinary Medicine In Utrecht

This paper describes a farm situation in a lowland area in The Netherlands having attention for labour efficiency, energy collection, and food safety and medicine use. The region is heavily populated by wind turbines. The farm has dairy and arable ...Read More

CS – Farm Management, Quality Food And Energy In Practise In The Netherlands

Due to the public concern over the effects of surgical castration on pig welfare, castration, in particularly performed without pain relief, is now increasingly regarded as unacceptable in the EU. Therefore, developing acceptable alternatives to surgical castration has become a ...Read More

CS – Moving Towards Boar Taint-free Meat: An Overview Of Alternatives To Surgical Castration From A Chain Perspective

One of the key concerns of biogas plants is the disposal of comparatively large amounts of digestates in an economically and environmentally sustainable manner. This paper analyses the economic performance of anaerobic digestion of a given biogas plant. A scenario ...Read More

CS – Economic Analysis Of Anaerobic Digestion (AD) – A Case Study Of Green Power Biogas Plant In The Netherlands

Dairy farmers in the Netherlands and in the rest of Europe have to cope with fast and vast developments in agricultural policy. The outcome of the CAP reforms, WTO negotiations, and changes in agricultural markets are uncertain. Each farmer should ...Read More

PR – Scenario Analysis On Farm Income Of Dutch Dairy Farmers Through 2020

For the EU the impact of a ban on international transport of pigs and horses is assessed, based on three sustainability criteria. The paper concludes that the risks of welfare problems will be reduced, the CO2 emission and transport costs ...Read More

PR – Sustainable Production: Transporting Animals Or Meat?

The pork, poultry and dairy production chains have been of major significance for the rural areas of Western Europe. They provided food in abundance, employment and economic activities. In the last decade, however, there is an increasing awareness in society ...Read More

AP – Be Good And Tell It? Re-establishment Of The Connection Between Livestock Industry And Society

The objective of this study was to analyze the profitability of dairy farms using an automatic milking system (AMS) compared with a conventional milking system (CMS) based on real accounting data. In total, 62 farms (31 AMS and 31 CMS) ...Read More