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Farming The “Miracle”

The peaceful political transition of South Africa in 1994 was widely considered to be a “miracle”. Now, nine years later, the “miracle” is firmly entrenched in the society. But, how did the average farmer adapt to the changes resulting from this ...Read More

Farming The “Miracle”

The Republic of South Africa covers an area of 122 million hectare of which 18 million hectare is potential land for cultivation. Eight percent of the potential arable land are under irrigation, which accounts for nearly half of the water ...Read More

Precision Irrigation In South Africa

In order for public and private decision-makers in the agricultural sector to use agricultural information for decision-making, solving problems or increasing their knowledge, the necessary data on agriculture must be available. As a result of the deregulation of the agricultural ...Read More

The Need For Agricultural Data In South Africa: With Specific Reference To The Western Cape Province

Technological break¬throughs in agriculture after the Second World War mainly concentrated on crop production (wheat, rice, and later maize). In the livestock production sector, besides the substantial improvements in the poultry and dairy production systems, the development of the other ...Read More

Adoption Of Veterinary Technologies Amongst Sheep And Goat Farmers In Qwaqwa, South Africa

High transaction costs are detrimental to the efficient operation or existence of markets for inputs and outputs. The cost of information and the costs associated with the search for trade partners, distance to formal markets and contract enforcement are likely ...Read More

Marketing Methods And Income Generation Amongst Small-scale Farmers In Two Communal Areas Of Kwazulu-natal, South Africa

The level of food security in Africa is mainly dependent on climate, poverty, national security, infrastructure and efficiency of production. Efforts at improving food security have been aimed at providing food aid which has been a disincentive to commercial producers ...Read More

Food Security In Africa : An Agriculturalist’s Perception

The main objective of the study was to identify possible predictors of adoption of potatoes into a wheat-based cropping system. In this study nine explanatory variables were tested against two dependent variables (p  0,15). The explanatory variables were gender, ...Read More

Possible Predictors Determining The Adoption Of Potatoes (solanum Tuberosum) Into A Wheat- (triticum Aestivum) Based Cropping System In Mokhotlong, Lesotho

This paper presents an irrigation farm management tool, SALMOD (Salinity And Leaching Model for Optimal irrigation Development), that calculates the profit maximizing crop enterprise composition and irrigation management options for farm specific soil type, drainage status and irrigation system composition ...Read More