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EU Accession And Sustainability In Hungary: Challenges For Farm And Rural Businesses

Agricultural production remains important as a main source of income and the way of life in rural areas in Hungary. Under preparation for EU accession, Hungary has been working on restructuring its agricultural policies to promote rural development as well as ...Read More

EU Accession And Sustainability In Hungary: Challenges For Farm And Rural Businesses

Despite the growing interest in rural tourism in rural communities, there has been little investigation of how to introduce this new activity into conventional farm management while taking advantage of agricultural multifunctionality. Considering rural tourism as a new farm activity ...Read More

Multifunctionality And Farm Diversification: A Case Of Rural Tourism

Methodologies for evaluating farming practices are reviewed to provide systematic perspectives on agri-environmental issues in which diversified research topics have been discussed. As a representative method for selecting farm management systems, multicriteria analysis is surveyed and difficulties in weighting procedure ...Read More

Evaluating Farming Practices: Use Of Health And Ecological Risk Concepts

In this paper, firstly several different agri-food chain leaders are to be considered, such as aged and/or women farmers, supermarkets, consumers’ cooperatives, and big general trade company. Secondly the high nature value of food is to be dealt with the ...Read More

Agri-food Supply Chain Development By Various Chain Leaders: Case Studies In Japan And New Concept Of High Nature Value

This paper discussed the types of farm enterprises, recent trends of them entry into and establishment of farming business in Japan. The cooperative farm corporations (CFCs) that are controlled by the Agricultural Cooperatives Act have been distinguished from the enterprises ...Read More

Trends And Future Perspectives Of Organized Farms In Japan

This paper examined a recent trend of rural orientation in Japan from a perspective of diversification of rural economy. Firstly, recent trend of rising number of entrants to farming understood as a part of growing interest for rural life-style. Secondly, ...Read More

Exploring Visitors’ Profiles Of Pick-Your-Own Farms In Japan

In August 1999, the Japanese government decided to introduce mandatory labeling for genetically modified (GM) food starting from April 2001. Under the labeling system, certain types of processed food such as oil and sweeteners from corn are exempted from labeling, ...Read More