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PR – The Market For Animal-Sourced Foods in Tanzania: Business Opportunities For Small-Scale Livestock Producers?

Developing countries’ consumption of high-value agricultural products, including animalsourced foods, is anticipated to grow rapidly in the coming decades, fuelled by population growth, gains in real per capita income, and urbanization. Given that a large share of rural households in ...Read More

PR – The Market For Animal-Sourced Foods in Tanzania: Business Opportunities For Small-Scale Livestock Producers?

The paper reviews the dynamics of change in the global environment and its impact on the nature of farming in developing countries. Since farmers are working in a more competitive environment in order to increase income there is a need ...Read More

AP – Global Trends And Challenges In Extension: A Farm Management Response

There is no single 'best way' of policy development. Bottom-up approaches to policy design and a broad debate among stakeholders facilitate policy learning and innovation. A novel approach of a bottom-up policy design process involving stakeholders is introduced. First results ...Read More

PR – Policy Assessment And Development By Stakeholders: A Cross-country Analysis Of National Recommendation On Organic Farming Policy In 11 European Countries

This paper examines different cropping practices, cost structures and gross margins for conventional table potato cropping in 6 different regions within the European Union: Czech Republic, Denmark, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Slovakia. Findings from this study show that potato cropping ...Read More

Production Of Table Potatoes In Europe: A Multinational Gross Margin Analysis

Brazil is the world beef export leader since 2004, when the Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) crisis in the United States and the severe draught in Australia dropped those countries beef exports and gave Brazilian beef chain a unique opportunity to ...Read More

Getting Access Into The EU Market: A Coordination Challenge For The Brazilian Beef Chain

US chicken feet in Hong Kong, Danish smoked ham on US supermarket shelves, rising sales of Brazilian beef tenderloin in Europe, escalating cross-border investment in poultry operations in Latin America. These are all reflective of the real face of globalisation ...Read More

Developments In International Meat Markets

Presentation (33 pages) Overview of presentation - Trends in the global livestock sector - Factors Influencing the Global Meat Markets in 2004 and 2005 - Medium Term Outlook, issues/analysis - Challenges for the Industry.

Meating The Market

Agricultural researchers widely recognise the importance of sustainable agricultural production systems and the need to develop appropriate methods to measure sustainability. The principal purpose of this paper is to evaluate the financial and environmental aspects of sustainability of Organic, Integrated ...Read More

Sustainability Of Organic, Integrated And Conventional Farming Systems In Tuscany

History tells that human beings began relying on food produced from crop cultivation about 10,000 years ago. Since then food production has increased through the expansion of farming areas and productivity increases of crops and livestock. As long as human ...Read More

Views On Food Production: Towards A New Green Revolution

In the framework of general progress towards sustainable development, a review of European Union policy for an environmentally sustainable form of agricultural production is provided. At European level, interest is increasingly focused on integration of environmental aspects into the general ...Read More