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PR – Early Spring Feeding Budget For Spring Calving Dairy Cows

Seventy-two spring calving Holstein Friesian dairy cows were randomly assigned to a six treatment grazing study (n=12). The 6 treatments comprised of 2 daily herbage allowances (DHA - 13 or 17 kg DM/cow/day) and 3 concentrate levels (0, 3 or ...Read More

PR – Early Spring Feeding Budget For Spring Calving Dairy Cows

Recent legislation in Ireland permits farmers who are self-employed or who employ three or less employees to meet legal duties regarding safety and health management by complying with the terms of a Code of Practice and completing a Risk Assessment ...Read More

PR – Evaluation Of Strategies To Achieve Compliance With A Legal Risk Assessment Document By Farmers In Ireland

An experiment was conducted to economically evaluate four finishing strategies for cull dairy cows based on grass silage and concentrate. Sixty-eight multiparous Holstein-Friesian cull spring calving dairy cows were randomised and assigned to a four treatment (n= 17) finishing experiment. ...Read More

PR – An Economic Evaluation Of Four Finishing Strategies For Cull Dairy Cows

Production of organic food continues to grow on a worldwide basis, as consumer awareness of, and demand for organic food increases. However, the Irish organic market has been slow to develop with a limited uptake in organic production by farmers. ...Read More

PR – Financial Returns From Organic V Conventional Cattle Rearing Systems

This study investigated interrelationships among labour-use, scale of dairy enterprise, replacement of labour with capital investment, introduction of alternative management technologies and net farm profitability on a sample of Irish dairy farms. Farm labour input data were collected from 171 ...Read More

PR – Labour Productivity – Effects Of Scale, Capital Investment And Adoption Of Novel Technology

The aim of this study was to quantify the labour requirement, available labour sources and actual labour contributed by those sources on Irish dairy farms. The data was generated on 36 medium (50 – 80 cows) and large (>80 cows) ...Read More

PR – Profile Of Labour Demand, Resources And Contribution On Irish Dairy Farms

This research examines perceived risk at the facet level (Psychological, Social, Performance, Safety, Health and Financial) and assesses the influence of consumer experience and perception of self (perceived ability, interest in product and interest in cooking), product (perceived product consistency), and environment (perceived ...Read More

The Impact Of Experience And Consumer Perceptions On Perceived Risk And Risk Reduction Behaviour: The Case Of Beef

This paper provides a brief review of the Irish beef market during the 1990s. It sets out to identify the key factors influencing beef consumption during this period and reviews industry/ government response to consumer needs. A number of factors influencing beef ...Read More

Trends In The Irish Beef Market During The 199os: Identification And Analysis Of Change Drivers

This paper compares and contrasts a number of farm-level modelling studies published in the academic literature. All of the studies examined adaptation on EU dairy farms in response to developments in agricultural policy and/or environmental legislation. The studies are compared ...Read More

Comparison Of Different Studies To Analyse Adaptation On Dairy Farms

The future of dairy farming in Ireland is examined. The effects of a strong macro-economy, Agenda 2000 and domestic policy on milk quota transfer are analysed using linear programming and Markov Chain analysis. Results show that all farms are subjected ...Read More