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PR – What Are The Characteristics Of The Irish Dairy Farmers Who Use Teagasc Profit Monitor?

Profit Monitor is a financial analysis package used by the Teagasc advisory service. Teagasc have been promoting the ‘Profit-Monitoring’ style of financial analysis for over a decade. The concept involves taking a close look at the performance of the farm ...Read More

PR – What Are The Characteristics Of The Irish Dairy Farmers Who Use Teagasc Profit Monitor?

The Teagasc advisory service plays a crucial role as change agent at farm level. One of the challenges facing the organisation is to define how it will best help commercial dairy farmers in the future. Reform of the milk quota ...Read More

PR – Dairy Farmer Clients’ Perceptions Of The Teagasc Advisory Service

Research work on agricultural contractors appears not to have kept pace with other research areas within the field of farm management. Contracting relieves farmers of the burdens associated with direct employment and with short seasonal tasks. Contractors offer farmers flexibility ...Read More

PR – An Initial Study Of The Use Made By Suckler Beef Farmers Of Agricultural Contractors In The Republic Of Ireland

The objective of this study was to define the relationship between ear initiation (EI) and ear emergence (EE) of perennial ryegrass cultivars at two latitudes. This investigation comprised three treatments (outdoor site at 54oN (CROSS’05), outdoor site at 50oN (MPK’06) ...Read More

PR – Factors Influencing Ear Initiation And Ear Emergence Development Of Perennial Ryegrass Cultivars At Two Different Latitudes

Quality of Life is influenced by a number of key influential factors (happiness; family life; health, and finances). The current literature pertaining to these Quality of Life factors were reviewed to examine if any variation existed among farm families experiencing ...Read More

PR – Review Of Quality Of Life Influential Factors Among Irish Farm Families Reporting Disability

The Teagasc National Farm Survey (NFS) is undertaken annually to determine the financial situation on Irish farms. The principal measure of the income arising from farming activities is Family Farm Income (FFI) per farm. In addition to analysing farm income ...Read More

PR – Farm Income On Full And Part-time Farms – 2005

The Agri-Environmental Footprint project has developed a common methodology for assessing the environmental impact of European agri-environment schemes. The Agri-Environmental Footprint Index (AFI) has been constructed as a customisable approach. It is a farm-level index that aggregates the measurement of ...Read More

PR – Measuring Environmental Performance And Value Added Using The Agri-environmental Footprint Index

There is now a strong political commitment to policy coherence for development (PCD) in many OECD countries. Agriculture is at the heart of much of the debate about possible incoherence between trade and development policy. This paper reviews the evidence ...Read More

PR – Improving Policy Coherence Between Agricultural And Development Policies

The objective of this paper was to compare the economic efficiency of three divergent strains of Holstein-Friesian cows. Each strain was randomly allocated to one of three feeding systems: high milk output per cow from pasture (MP), high concentrate feeding ...Read More

PR – Economic Comparison Of Divergent Strains Of Holstein-Friesian Cows In Various Pasture-based Production Systems

A dramatic increase in the number of organic farmers in Ireland since the introduction of financial support under successive agri-environmental programmes prompted us to investigate farmer motivations to convert to organic farming and to continue as organic farmers. An adapted ...Read More