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AP – Competitiveness Of Milk Production In Ireland

This paper seeks to examine the competitiveness of milk production at farm level in Northern and Southern Ireland where different dairying regimes have existed in relation to milk quota policy. Competitiveness is a comparative concept and thus the profitability of ...Read More

AP – Competitiveness Of Milk Production In Ireland

In the late 1980’s the European Commission led by President Jacques Delors undertook a review of the performance of the member states of the EU. This was prompted by decreasing levels of economic growth, increasing unemployment rates and social issues. ...Read More

AP – Leader – The Bottom-up Approach To Rural Development: An Irish Perspective

Agricultural development has been a key factor for the countries which have made most progress in reducing poverty in recent decades. But for many of the poorest developing countries, particularly in Africa, there has been limited progress in achieving agricultural ...Read More

Pl. Pres. – Agriculture’s Role In Making Poverty History

What will the policy drivers of the agri food sectors be in the next twenty years? How have these changed and what are the opportunities arising from these changes? How can research education, innovation and technology transfer respond in order ...Read More

Pl. Speech – New Opportunities In A Changing Global Policy Environment

My presentation will be about the need to diversify the economies of rural areas and to provide a wide range of social services including education, health, recreation etc. if we wish to maintain rural populations in Europe. I will also ...Read More

Pl. Speech – Ireland: Rural Development, Its Policies And The Future

Keywords: contractors, farms, suckler beef, tasks.

Po. Intensity Of Agricultural Contractors Usage On Suckler Beef Farms In Ireland

The objective of this study was to establish the influence of daily herbage allowance and concentrate supplementation offered in early lactation on the total milk production performance of spring calving dairy cows.

Po. Manipulation Of Early Lactation Feeding Management On Total Lactation Performance Of Spring Calving Dairy Cows

Keywords: costs, veterinary, animal disease, Delphi technique.  

Po. Veterinerary Component Costs On Irish Dairy Farms – A Pilot Study

Keywords: woodpigeon, agricultural intensification, body mass.

Po. Woodpigeon Body Mass In Ireland: Is Agricultural Intensification Involved?

This paper explores the vertical transmission between the farm gate price of raw milk in Ireland and World, EU and Irish Dairy Board (IDB) butter and SMP wholesale prices. While a priori it may appear reasonable to assume transmission from ...Read More