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IFCN Cash Crop: Benchmarking Farms Globally – Oilseed Production Costs

Vegetable oil production has become one of the fastest expanding cash crop sectors in the last 50 years and it is still increasing rapidly. However the regions of expansion, the sources of plant oil and their importance vary over time. ...Read More

IFCN Cash Crop: Benchmarking Farms Globally – Oilseed Production Costs

Two efficient farms are constructed for the brown soils of Saskatchewan, Canada and for Mecklenburg, Germany based on producer panels. Both farms feature highly integrated cropping systems which take advantage of cropping synergies. However, farm risk is inherently different between ...Read More

Comparison Of Risk And Return Characteristics Of Efficient Crop Portfolios For The Brown Soil Zones Of Saskatchewan And Micklenburg, Germany

The development of the land markets for selected European Countries (B, DK, D-W, F, NL) and the effects of agricultural policy reforms on land prices are analysed in “Part I – Land Markets at the Country Level” of this article. The ...Read More

Development Of Land Markets In Selected EU-countries And Land Ownership Strategies On The Farm Level

Organic farming is increasingly considered in the European Common Agricultural Policy. Sound evaluations of the effects of policy measures on organic farms in the EU are needed to face the challenges in future policy design. The effects of various policy ...Read More

Organic Farms In The Eu: Status Quo, Development Strategies And Policy Impacts On Selected Arable And Dairy Farms

The privatisation of agricultural land in Armenia started in 1991 and continues until now. Achieving independence, the new republic took the lead among the former Soviet republics in privatising its farmland, repudiating Stalin’s heavy-handed collectivisation. After the privatisation of land ...Read More

Restructuring Agriculture And Meeting Consumer Needs In Armenia

Farming conditions in Europe are changing substantially. The liberalisation of agricultural commodity markets is accompanied by an increasing societal demand for environmental services to be provided by the farming sector. Significant changes are necessary to enable the farming sector to ...Read More

The Farm As An Enterprise – The European Perspective

Ten years of transition processes in the former communist countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEEC) have changed the ownership structure as well as the structures and legal forms of enterprises in agriculture considerably. The farm structures in Eastern Europe ...Read More

Agriculture In Transformation – The Restructuring Of Farm Enter In Central And Eastern European Countries During The Transition Process

Sugar beet production during the past 50 years has been characterised by remarkable progress in productivity. In this contribution the influence of the different production factors on productivity and value added growth is analysed by regarding input and out-put development ...Read More

Productivity Progress In Sugar Beet Production – With Special Emphasis On The Contribution Of Breeding

Sugar market is one of the most protected markets for agricultural products world wide. In almost every sugar producing country the sugar market is regulated in some way. With an increasing liberalisation of agricultural trade in the „Millennium Round“ of ...Read More