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PR – Competitiveness And Risk Of Crop Production, Milk Production And Biogas Production With Respect To Regional Resources (p133-144)

Renewable energies in Germany are strongly supported by legislation. Farmers expect that renewable energy can help them to increase and stabilise their income . In this respect, biogas is an important pillar in the overall context of renewable energies. Feedstocks ...Read More

PR – Competitiveness And Risk Of Crop Production, Milk Production And Biogas Production With Respect To Regional Resources (p133-144)

Regulatory policies often aim to steer the behaviour of economic agents by changing their economic environment. Assessing the potential impacts of regulatory policies requires predictions about how humans adapt to such changes. One important prerequisite for meaningful policy impact analysis ...Read More

PR – How Business Management Games Can Be Used To Analyze The Boundedly Rational Behaviour Of Economic Agents (p388-395)

Agrarian structures are often characterized by some kind of economic inertia. It is particularly puzzling why unprofitable farms persist over time instead of being sold. In this paper we analyze the exit decision of farmers using the real options approach. ...Read More

PR – Disinvestment Behaviour Of Agricultural Entrepreneurs: Experimental Results (p380-387)

Short Rotation Coppice (SRC) for bioenergy generation becomes increasingly important and is regarded as a promising new income source for farmers. The present study compares the profitability of SRC in line with a typical crop rotation. For comparison of profitabilities ...Read More

PR – Investing In Short Rotation Coppice – Alternative Energy Crop Of An Albatross Around The Neck?

Renewable resources are gaining importance in modern society due to their expected positive effects on agriculture, the environment and the economy. To support renewable energy from biomass the EU promotes the cultivation of energy crops. A spatial equilibrium model is ...Read More

PR – Does Biofuel Demand Increase Food Prices? Impacts Of Energy Crops On Food Production And Commodity Prices In Eastern Germany

Yield fluctuations as a result of climatic influences can be a significant risk for farms. Marginal soils with a low yield potential in connection with comparatively unfavorable climatic conditions, as found in parts of Northeastern Germany, are particularly affected. The ...Read More

PR – Needs For Risk Hedging In Crop Production Exemplified For Northeast Germany

If applied properly conservation tillage is a technology which can increase farms economic situation through reducing energy input and saving time for operations and on the other hand is beneficial for the environment and plant growing through reducing the risk ...Read More

AP – Non-adoption Of Conservation Tillage Because Of Knowledge Gaps? A Case Study From North-east Bulgaria

Structural change in the agricultural sector as well as in the whole agricultural value chain is an ongoing dynamic process and affords a number of diverse phenomena. The EU Strategy for Biofuels (2006) and the Biomass action plan (2005) set ...Read More

PR – Changes In Agricultural Industries Bio Fuel Chains – Analyzing Structure, Options, And Impacts

There is no single 'best way' of policy development. Bottom-up approaches to policy design and a broad debate among stakeholders facilitate policy learning and innovation. A novel approach of a bottom-up policy design process involving stakeholders is introduced. First results ...Read More

PR – Policy Assessment And Development By Stakeholders: A Cross-country Analysis Of National Recommendation On Organic Farming Policy In 11 European Countries

We investigate in this paper the participation of farms in the agri-environmental measure “extensive grassland” and the consequences on land use in the case study area Ostprignitz-Ruppin in the federal state of Brandenburg in Germany. We first vary the level ...Read More