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Abstract: Statistics clearly show a continuous decline in the number of farms in Europe. One fourth of farms disappeared in Metropolitan France between 2000 and 2010. With 13,200 entering farmers in 2013, compared to 17,200 exiting farmers, the renewal rate ...Read More


In Western Europe many citizens complain about the environmental impact of current farming practices. There are 3 major sources of complaint: water pollution, impact on biodiversity and contributions to greenhouse gas emissions. As a result of this, the InVivo Group, ...Read More

PL5_Pr – Using State Of The Art Technology To Manage The Environmental Impact Of Farming (2.9mb)

Meat sheep genetic schemes are compared in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, United Kingdom and France thanks to interviews of professionals and regarding their organizations, genetic traits, innovations and economic. It appears that tools are rather similar but the cost of ...Read More

PR – An International Comparison Of The Main Meat Sheep Genetic Schemes

GM and non-GM coexistence, as defined by the European commission, defines a product as non-GM if it contains less than 0.9% of GM material. A good solution to avoid the risk of mixing GM and non-GM in the landscape and ...Read More

PR – A Simulation Model To Evaluate The Effect Of Cooperation Between Grain Merchants In Managing Gm And Non-GM Segregation For Maize In Europe (p60-67)

We compared how coexistence in maize at the farm level was i) envisioned in the east of France where GM have never been really cropped, and ii) managed in the south of France where GM maize was cropped in 2006 ...Read More

PR – Comparing Maize Management And Coexistence Means Between GM And Non GM Maize In Two French Regions (p103-110)

In France, organizing the coexistence of GM and non-GM crop production areas requires the setting up of a governance of the land involving all the parties concerned. The form of governance has to allow coordination between rival grain elevator companies ...Read More

CS – Space And Coordination In Strategy: The Case Of The GMO In France

Innovations that allow the development of new product are often linked to collaboration between private companies and public research laboratories. This collaboration mostly involves big companies, which have the most important absorptive capacity. To increase this capacity Small and medium-sized ...Read More

CS – Technical And Organizational Innovation: A Collaboration Between Private And Public Sector; The Case Of The ArianeĀ® Apple

Blackleg, a major disease in rapeseed, can be managed using varietal resistance. However, to minimize resistance breakdown, other management techniques must also be used. We studied current agricultural systems used to manage rapeseed and blackleg on farms by means of ...Read More

PR – Sustainable Management Of Varietal Resistance To Blackleg In Rapeseed

The objective of this study was to establish the influence of daily herbage allowance and concentrate supplementation offered in early lactation on the total milk production performance of spring calving dairy cows.

Po. Manipulation Of Early Lactation Feeding Management On Total Lactation Performance Of Spring Calving Dairy Cows

GM and non-GM coexistence, as defined by the European commission, defines a product as non-GM if it contains less than 0.9% of GM material. To avoid the risk of mixing GM and non-GM, we made a model of supply chain ...Read More