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Farming For Survival In Eastern And Southern Africa

Farmers the world over face many common problems in the early part of the 21st century. However there are none so dependant on farming for their very survival than many smallholders in Africa, who often rely entirely on production from ...Read More

Farming For Survival In Eastern And Southern Africa

Economic and social pressures are transforming farm businesses and the structure of the agricultural industry, consequently it is presumed that farm management skills are under intense pressure. This creates a need for effective interaction between knowledge management and the actions ...Read More

Continuing Professional Development And Farm Business Performance

In 1994 Milk Marketing Boards in the UK were disbanded, their role as milk purchasers was taken by more than 100 licensed organisations. It is shown that this change resulted in an increase in the variation between producers’ milk price. ...Read More

Recent Changes In Milk Marketing In The Uk: The Farmers’ Perspective

Whilst Environmental Cross Compliance may be one way of reducing environmental disbenefits or negative externalities, it is argued that a better way of providing environmental benefits or positive externalities is to clarify the objectives of environmental policy and to link ...Read More

Gaining Environmental Benefits From Positive Land Management: Practical Experience From The North Kent Marshes

For many years, the literature concerning agricultural knowledge transfer has emphasised the importance of using processes designed around the needs of the target population, rather than those of the providers. This paper reports on the AgriNet project in South West ...Read More

Agrinet – Taking Technology To The Countryside

Environmental Cross Compliance is one policy by means by which government can seek to influence farmers so that they to give greater weight to environmental goods in their decisions. The policy is evaluated from both a theoretical and pragmatic viewpoint ...Read More

Environmental Cross Compliance – Panacea Or Placebo?

The financial implications of manipulating nitrogen (N) inputs and management strategies for beef production systems were assessed. One-hectare grassland farmlets were grazed to a target sward height by beef steers; herbage surplus to grazing requirements was cut for silage. Three ...Read More