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Leadership Values & Sustainable Trading Management For Food Security, Biodiversity & Equity

There is general agreement that sustainable management is needed to regulate social behaviour for civil society and environmental management for such global issues as climate change and the oceans. Uniquely, markets are assumed by current World Trade Organisation philosophy and ...Read More

Leadership Values & Sustainable Trading Management For Food Security, Biodiversity & Equity

The recent reform of the Common Agricultural Policy in Europe has had significant implications for Leadership in the UK. The move from economic support for food production, to support for environmental deliveries has created the need for a new culture ...Read More

Leadership In A Changing Agriculture In UK

This paper addresses the effectiveness of the traditional models of cooperation, and analyses best practices in other commercial sectors in order to identify transferable elements. The Report of the Policy Commission on the Future of Farming and Food (2002) identified ...Read More

Collaboration Within The UK Farm Industry

Market pressures and policy changes have heightened interest in knowledge and technology transfer in English agriculture. A government funded project, Forward Farming (2002-2004) established three separate pilots to test different ways of using demonstration to encourage change at farm level: ...Read More

Helping Farmers Adjust To Policy Reforms Through Demonstration Farms: Lessons From A Project In England

The use of farmer focus groups is discussed as a mechanism for effective knowledge transfer activity, and the functionality of the focus farm contrasted with that of the demonstration farm. Key qualities of focus farmers and the essential characteristics of ...Read More

Developing Farmer Focus Groups As A Knowledge Transfer Mechanism: A Practical Experience

The Institute of Agricultural Management Leadership course first ran in 2002. The two objectives were to improve the leadership qualities of existing leaders, and to give time to consider how a clear forward vision of the industry could be achieved. ...Read More

Influencing Leaders

Sentry Farms is a private limited company operating in the UK. Working with a large range of landowners - which have an equally large range of objectives - by way of numerous operational leases, the company is currently producing over ...Read More

Managing The Change Through Benchmarking Best Practice

Benchmarking is the practice of establishing the relative performance of a business or enterprise against an appropriate standard, generally industry standards derived from a survey of farms. The Policy Commission into the Future of Farming and Food (2002) highlighted a ...Read More

On-farm Benchmarking: How To Do It And How To Do It Better

Dairy farmers have been able to use sexed semen from dairy breeds to pre-determine the sex of calves since 2000, sexed semen from beef bulls is not currently commercially available, but is expected within 2 years. A survey of a ...Read More

Uptake Of Sexed Semen By UK Suckler Beef Producers

The behavioural intentions of a sample of livestock farmers in the south-west of England towards new technologies were analysed within a Theory of Reasoned Action (TORA) framework, in order to explore reasons for the apparently low rate at which research-based ...Read More