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PR – The Introduction Of A Supply Chain/Consumer Focus In Farmer Controlled Businesses In The UK

This paper assesses the effectiveness of the traditional models of cooperation and analyses best practice in collaboration between farmers seeking to gain significantly greater scale and flexibility in an increasingly global food chain. The UK grocery retail sector is one ...Read More

PR – The Introduction Of A Supply Chain/Consumer Focus In Farmer Controlled Businesses In The UK

Relevant cost analysis is a well recognised technique in management accounting used to decide whether production is viable in the short run. The removal of production-related subsidies following the reform of the CAP has left many farm enterprises with net ...Read More

PR – The Use Of Relevant Cost Analysis To Assess Production Viability Following The Decoupling Of Support Payments In England

The Agri-Environmental Footprint project has developed a common methodology for assessing the environmental impact of European agri-environment schemes. The Agri-Environmental Footprint Index (AFI) has been constructed as a customisable approach. It is a farm-level index that aggregates the measurement of ...Read More

PR – Measuring Environmental Performance And Value Added Using The Agri-environmental Footprint Index

Recently the University of Reading has completed a project on behalf of Defra (Department of Food, Environment and Rural Affairs) to understand the behaviour and motivation of farmers in adjusting to the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), particularly ...Read More

PR – Farmers’ Behavioural Inclinations And Their Influence On The Anticipated Response To The Reform Of The Common Agricultural Policy

This paper explores the use of sustainability as a performance criterion in a family farming context. The proposed measure, adapted from one that has been considered by many authors for use at aggregate economy level, is focused on the need ...Read More

PR – Sustainable Family Farming – A Balance Between Economy, Ecology And Commerce

Rural unemployment and rural depopulation are common concerns of European countries, especially the new EU accession and candidate countries. The context for this paper is the substantial change in labour requirements, opportunities and responses of the labour force following the ...Read More

PR – Agricultural & Non-agricultural Rural Employment In The EU: Issues And Strategies, With Special Reference To Accession & Candidate Countries

The study is based on a detailed analysis of seven case study farms to assess the economic contribution of the Entry Level Scheme (ELS) to farm income. Theoretically agri-environment schemes should not make a positive contribution to farm income. On ...Read More

PR – A Case Based Analysis Evaluating The Financial Contribution To Farm Income Of Entry Level Environmental Stewardship On Upland Farms In England

Direct marketing by farmers is considered to be one of the most promising new areas of activity within a diversified rural economy and has received significant support in recent EU CAP reforms. It has yet to be revealed whether such ...Read More

PR – Profitability Of Direct Marketing Farms In Less Favoured Areas (LFAs): Case Studies From Northumberland, England

The new Single Payment Scheme under the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union was introduced in the United Kingdom as of 1st January 2005. Farmer support is being switched away from a production basis to one which is both ...Read More

Observations And Lessons From The DEFRA Challenge Fund Pilot Scheme For Farmer Self-help Groups On Cross Compliance

Many of the Groups supported had humble origins. Some were originally formed by women who got together because of their desperate situation and started “merry go rounds” by which they each contributed a small amount of money each month and ...Read More