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AP – Farmers And Advisors Attitudes Towards The Environmental Stewardship Scheme

Attitudes of 25 farmers and 9 advisors towards the Environmental Stewardship Scheme (ESS) in North Norfolk are reported. Simplicity and ease of entering the ELS is contrasted with difficulties associated with applying for the HLS. Advisors rank environmental improvement less ...Read More

AP – Farmers And Advisors Attitudes Towards The Environmental Stewardship Scheme

World wide agriculture is experiencing enormous change, as demand for food rises, renewable energy competes with food capacity, climate change introduces new restrictions on production and indigenous farm labour becomes increasingly scarce. Against this background could European farmers, who have ...Read More

Pl. Speech – Can European Farmers Survive Without Protection?

European agriculture is at the heart of the European economy and society and is the backbone of our rural communities. Our model of agriculture is often referred to as ‘multifunctional’. This means that society not only requires that we produce ...Read More

PL. Speech – Europe’s Place In World Agriculture

The author was assigned to the city of Awassa in Southern Ethiopia in late 2006 to advise on “urban agriculture”. Land within the city limits is allocated to investors both in agriculture and other industries. I concentrated my efforts on ...Read More

AP – A Vibrant Rural Economy In The 21st Century – An Ethiopian Perspective.

Sub-Saharan Africans are often frustrated by bad news emanating from their continent, including mismanagement stories and prognoses of agricultural failure. While acknowledging the huge challenges facing Africa, this Paper (widely illustrated from several African countries) seeks to identify key factors ...Read More

AP – Vibrant Agricultural Management Messages From Africa

Among the changes that the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy is demanding from the UK farm industry, is the urgent need for a different style of leadership. The economic support to farmers has been decoupled from production and moved ...Read More

PR – Leadership Development In The UK Farming Industry: Outcomes Of A Leadership Programme

The European Union Water Framework Directive requires governments to set water quality objectives based on good ecological status. This includes specific requirements to control diffuse pollution. Diffuse phosphorus (P) pollution plays a pivotal role in influencing water quality with losses ...Read More

PR – Determining The Cost Effectiveness Of Solutions To Diffuse Pollution: The Case Of In-field Mitigation Options For Phosphorus And Sediment Loss

Wet habitats are considered a potentially important component of the farmed landscape for biodiversity, including provision of a range of resources for declining farmland bird species. The Wetting Up Farmland for Birds and other Biodiversity (WUFFB) project in England is ...Read More

PR – Farm Management Implications Of Providing Wet Habitats To Improve Biodiversity

A key aspect of farm management is decision making and a variety of methods to assist with decision making are widely used in commercial agriculture, ranging from simple budgets through to complex computer models. The vast majority of the worlds’ ...Read More

PR – The Development And Role Of Novel Farm Management Methods For Use By Small-Scale Farmers In Developing Countries

Agriculture/horticulture has traditionally been an important sector in the economy of Bulgaria. In the last two-three decades, agriculture has changed dramatically due to factors including economic reform from a centrally planned economy to a free market economy, political conflicts between ...Read More