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CS – Size And Non-size Effects On The Profitability Of Farms In English Less Favoured Areas

Farms from English less favoured areas (LFA) are separated into size quartiles (measured by grazing livestock units (GLU)/farm) and ranked within these size quartiles by Farm Business Income (FBI)/farm to show size and non-size effects respectively. FBI increases with farm ...Read More

CS – Size And Non-size Effects On The Profitability Of Farms In English Less Favoured Areas

The lack of collaboration in the food chain has long been recognised as a barrier to improved efficiency. A series of three interviews, using the Delphi technique, were conducted to inform on the specific nature of the reasons for this ...Read More

CS – Improved Forms Of Business Collaboration For Primary Producers Operating Within The UK Food Supply Chain

Pnl.Pr – International Farm Management 2 (6mb)

Key words: benchmarking, innovation, international, performance measures

PO – Extending The Concept Of Benchmarking In Farm Management

Introduction: The purpose of this paper is to provide farm-level information of the impact of recent policy changes on agriculture in Less Favoured Areas (LFAs). Our main contribution is the presentation of an integrated view of mixed impact of Single ...Read More

PR – Farmer’s Reaction To Decoupling Policy In LFAs: A Farm Based Study In Northumberland England

European agricultural and environmental policy has evolved considerably over the last 15 years. In this paper the changes in farm businesses in an Environmentally Sensitive Area in England are evaluated based on two surveys with the same farmers at the ...Read More

PR – Farming And Food Production Developments In Shropshire Hills Environmentally Sensitive Area, UK, 1997-2008

Integral Farm-Household management involves learning and adopting appropriate resourceusing techniques both on farmland and in the associated households. Significantly, as elsewhere among longstanding rural communities, in rural Africa there is no separation between home and work; both environments merge. Typically, ...Read More

PR – Integral Household Management For Food Security And Sustainable Livelihoods In Uganda

This paper reviews the economic plight of hill farming with particular reference to the uplands of SW England. This is only mitigated by the fact that hill farmers typically do not over-borrow according to this research – perhaps constrained by ...Read More

PR – Integral Management: Livestock, Landscapes & Livelihoods In The South West English Uplands

Work conducted for the UK government in 2005, by Cambridge University and the Scottish Agricultural College, concluded that energy crops were not competitive as an alternative to conventional arable crops. The present study used partial budgets to explore whether this ...Read More

PR – Testing The Economic Viability Of Energy Crop Production In Competition With Alternative Land Uses

Sustainable development is a concept which permeates policy and action at an international, national and local level. A range of international organisations have sustainable development goals1 and plans and treaties exist to which the majority of the world’s nations are ...Read More