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Prepared For Success – A Look At The Next Generation Of Alberta Farmers

The future growth potential for the agriculture industry in Alberta is dependent on a younger generation of farmers who will not only maintain the current level of production but increase it further. At present fewer members of this younger generation ...Read More

Prepared For Success – A Look At The Next Generation Of Alberta Farmers

The paper uses case studies of three different agribusinesses to demonstrate the principles of supply chain management and how it is applied. Primary producers must learn to understand and take advantages of the opportunities available to them in the new ...Read More

Agribusiness Cases In Supply Chain Management

Agriculture and rural communities are in a major period of transition created by a confluence of major drivers of change seemingly happening all at the same time. Major drivers include shifting from supply push to demand pull, greater market volatility, ...Read More

Strategic Thinking And Opportunities

In Canada, agriculture and its related industries are undergoing rapid and significant changes. Among the many issues facing farmers and other agri-business people are the development of biotechnologies, the decline of on-farm and rural populations, the emergence of new public ...Read More

Agricultural Leadership Development: Insights And Experiences From Canada

Over the last ten years, as Canadian baby-boomers have reached the 40 to 55 age category, there has been an ever increasing focus on personal financial planning. People have started to think more about retirement and their investment portfolios. The ...Read More

Efficient Investment In Saskatchewan Farmland

The potential to meet global food demand fully exists through global development of the high-technology (HT), high-intensity type of agriculture and food processing system prevailing in developed countries. This system unfortunately is also responsible for much natural resource degradation, environmental ...Read More