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PL2_Pr – A New Common Agricultural Policy For A More Sustainable European Agriculture

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PL2_Pr – A New Common Agricultural Policy For A More Sustainable European Agriculture

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ThB_Pr – Increasing Nitorgen Use Efficiency (nue) To Improve Agricultural Productivity

Belgium Agricultural Status 2013

SPO – Agriculture In Belgium

Networking and innovation are important sources for entrepreneurs to achieve competitive advantage. This paper aims to investigate bottlenecks and success factors for networking of ornamental plant growers. To reach this objective, following research questions are formulated: (1) What kind of ...Read More

PR – Investigation Of Bottlenecks And Success Factors For Networking As A Tool For Innovation In The Ornamental Plant Sector

Purpose - The paper analyzes the decision-making process on whether or not to commercialize genetically modified (GM) crops in the current EU environment, for several agriculture industry sectors. This cross-industry analysis provides us insights in the (future) market dynamics of ...Read More

PR – To Commercialize Or Not To Commercialize Genetically Modified Crops In The Eu Environment

The relationship between agriculture and the environment has not been without difficulties as agriculture itself has intensified. It touches many areas of wider interest including water, biodiversity and soil protection. It faces challenges in these areas and with respect to ...Read More

Pl. Pres. – Global Agriculture In Transition – Environment Issues

In order to meet the growing concerns of society horticultural growers have to adopt reduction techniques for pesticides and nutrients. Based on a theoretical framework the adoption of these techniques is influenced by personal and business characteristics and communication behaviour. ...Read More

PR – Differences In Attitude Of Horticultural Entrepreneurs Towards The Introduction Of Reduction Techniques For Pesticides And Nutrients

It is a great pleasure and honour for me to be here, just next to the outstanding agricultural university of Wageningen, to speak about the political view on future oriented farm management. As most of you will know, the European ...Read More

Speech – The Midterm Review – Towards A Policy That Pleases Everybody

In this paper we anlyse the meaning of multifunctionality at farm level. After defining the concept, a number of examples are given to illustrate problems in delivery of non-commodity outputs. Based on a general micro-economic model, it si shown that ...Read More

Multifunctional Agriculture : How To Provide Incentives To Farmers?

This paper addresses the sustainable development of the Flemish greenhouse industry by investigating the optimal size, structure and location of its firms. It emphasizes the importance of a square shape of the greenhouse as optimal structure. Using Data Envelopment Analysis ...Read More