Toward Better Outcomes For Natural Resource Management Decisions – The Potential Of Public Deliberation

The type of public participation or community consultation process used by communities to resolve natural resource
management issues will have a major impact on the types of decisions which result. A familiar process is the “expert”
model where expertise is delivered to the community rather than reflecting a true collaborative learning process with
community members. An alternative is deliberation, a community-based process where community members engage in
collaborative learning and find courses of action valuable to the community as a whole, and not those which represent
just a few interests. This paper discusses two case studies – the development of Water Sharing Plans by River
Management Committees in New South Wales, Australia, and concern over potential intensive livestock operations in
Saline County, Missouri, USA – and compares how the different processes were used to resolve natural resource
management issues.

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Author(s): Hodge, Sandra, Southorn, Neil

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Organizations(s): The University of Sydney, Orange, University of Missouri