Diversification As A Form Of Risk Management In Agriculture

The objective of this study is to show the importance of diversification in the risk management process. The study areas
are: Mato Grosso, with large properties, and Rio Grande do Sul with small. The developed activities are annual cultures
and cattle for slaughter. The hypotheses of the work are: a) rural producers diversify their activities using modern
techniques. b) Diversification has been efficient in the producers’ risks reduction. c) Producers tend be as effective as
possible, though they differ in the rates of risk aversion. The MOTAD and E-V models were used.

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Author(s): de Camargo Barros, Geraldo Sant’Ana, De Zen, Sergio, Peres, Fernando C.


Organizations(s): CEPEA, Dept. Economics - University of Sao Paulo, Piracicaba