Adoption Of Information Technology For Farm Management, A Case Study

Ma’ayan is a software package developed by the Israeli extension service. The package was developed under the
assumption that extension has a comparative advantage in bridging the gap between farmers’ need for innovative farm
management practice, managerial information and software to support it. Farmers producing a wide range of products
adopted Ma’ayan. In many cases the adoption process had to overcome various barriers such as: insufficient knowledge
using a PC, conservatism, cost benefit considerations, etc.

This review details the results of successful implementation of Ma’ayan as a case study of adoption of a software package
for farm-management.

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Author(s): Gal, Bracha, Gal, Yoav, Gelb, Ehud


Organizations(s): Hazera Genetics Ltd., Berurim, D.N. Shikmim, Ministry of Agriculture, Extension Service