15th Congress – 2005 Brazil


14th – 19th August – Royal Palm Plaza Hotel, Campinas, Sao Paulo State


In 2005 the IFMA Congress came to South America and Brazil for the first time.  It was a great opportunity for delegates to see and learn for themselves the great diversity of agricultural production that Brazil offers.  Brazil is a very large country, equalling the USA and Australia for land area, and inevitably it was only possible to gain a quick insight into what this great country has to offer, and to assess the enormous potential that is being realised as Brazilian agriculture expands into the world trader of food and other agricultural products that everyone expects it to become.

The Congress was held in conjunction with the ABAR (Associação Brasileira de Administração Rural) 5th Congress, with concurrent and joint sessions.  The organisers, principally from the Agricultural Economics Department and CEPEA (Center for Advanced Studies on Applied Economics) at the Piracicaba campus of Sao Paulo University, are to be congratulated on arranging an interesting and varied programme both for the Congress and for the pre and post congress tours.

In the sections below you will find a brief summary of the Congress, and by clicking the links at the top or bottom of this page you can visit the Pre and Post Congress Tour summaries.

webrazil-congress-hotelThe Congress – Royal Palm Plaza Hotel and Resort.

The hotel offered superb facilities for the congress – delegates were able to relax and enjoy a variety of restaurants and a marvellous swimming pool during the week long congress, and the conference centre provided exactly the configuration needed for the plenary and concurrent sessions with easy access that is needed.  Instantaneous translation facilitated the joint plenary sessions with our Portuguese speaking colleagues from ABAR.


Opening Ceremony – welcome speeches.
Prof. Fernando Peres – Chairman of the Organising Committee
Malcolm Stansfield – President of IFMA
Recardo Sette – President of ABAR
Roberto Rodrigues – Minister of Agriculture of Brazil

webrazil-congress-Schuh2Keynote Speakers – Prof. Schuh (Minnesota) speaking with Prof. Rask (Ohio), Prof. Barros (ESALQ / Sao Paolo) and the Joint Plenary Session Chairman Prof. Peres at the table.

Two full days (Monday and Wednesday) of conference sessions with early morning joint plenary dual language sessions and some 98 contributed papers presented in grouped concurrent sessions were on offer to the delegates of the IFMA Congress.

webrazil-congress-WN-presen(The Congress Proceedings are available on this website – see side panel).

During the conference Wilhelm Nell (RSA) presented his and Rob Napier’s (Aus) new book “Strategic Approach to Successful Farming” to the IFMA, which was accepted by the IFMA President Malcolm Stansfield.


Field Trips

From the following USDA world production statistics, agricultural products make Brazil a key player in worldwide food trade:
Orange juice 82%, Coffee 29%, Soybeans 38%, Soybean oil 28%, Soy meal 34%, Tobacco 23%, Sugar 29%, Beef 20%, Chicken 29%, and Pork 16% – it was not surprising that there was great interest in taking the opportunity to visit farms, agribusiness and financial institutions during the 2 days of field trips.

webrazil-congress-tour-oran webrazil-congress-tour-graf

On the Tuesday and Thursday delegates had the choice of 4 contrasting field trips on each day which demonstrated the diversity of the agriculture both at a local and the national level.  From Beef and Dairy, Citrus and Poultry, Flower Auction and Fruit Production, Futures and Mercantile Stock Exchanges, Sugar Cane and Research Institutes there was something for all interests.



webrazil-partners-sochouseAccompanying Persons’ Programme

Whilst the delegates were busy in the conference sessions on Monday and Wednesday their partners had tours of their own, including a trip to the city of Piracicaba to see a number of social projects and research at the University of Sao Paulo campus.  Also included was a tour of the highlights of the City of Campinas (pop. 3 million).

Social housing, childrens’ sport, caiman research tanks


The IFMA General Meeting was held on the final day (Friday), and the 2007 Irish Congress organisers gave the delegates and enticing and amusing introduction to the 16th Congress in Cork, outlining the themes for the congress itself, and the pre and post congress tours.

Social Programme


The Congress opening dinner in a traditional Churrascaria, and Copeira Dancing at the closing dinner for the ABAR Congress.

webrazil-congress-friendsAs delegates leave the congress they take home many outstanding memories including those of friendships formed with others from all around the world during their few days in sunny Brazil.

IFMA thank the congress organisers, in particular Prof Fernando Peres, Prof Sergio de Zen, Ana Paula Silva and all of the team, and Neusa Maranho for all their hard work in making the congress a success.

Photos by Tony & Patricia King and Laura Biddick

webrazil cong book

15th Congress Programme and Proceedings are available on the website – click the Proceedings tab on the left.