14th – 2003 Western Australia

10th to 15th August – Burswood Convention Centre, Perth

congress_14th_1In 2003 the IFMA Congress came to Australia for the first time, to the beautiful city of Perth, and the magnificent setting of the Burswood Convention Centre and Hotel.

The Theme – “Farming at the Edge” was particularly appropriate at this time, not just to Australia, but also to many, if not most parts of the world.

The organisers chose an excellent set of speakers to back up their programme, and they are congratulated on an excellent and most enjoyable week of technical programmes, tours and social events.

The 14th Congress had all the customary elements including plenary, symposia and contributed paper sessions, a choice of farm trips on two of the five congress days, as well as two pre and two post congress tours. To see a summary, and the full report, of an evaluation survey of delegates carried out at the congress – where more than 90% of respondents were well/highly satisfied – Click here

Below you can gain a small insight into the Congress, the Field Trips, the Social Programme and the Pre and Post Congress tours.

congress_14th_2 congress_14th_3

The Burswood Convention Centre, where the week long Congress was held, with its grand views over the Swan River and the City of Perth. Truly a magnificent venue with excellent conference facilities.

Field Trips – held on 2 days with 6 options for delegates to choose from.

Day one – Dairy, Wool Processing, Viticulture, Beef & Awassi Fat Tailed Sheep, Broad Acre Cropping, Meat Processing & Marketing,

Day two – Wood Production, Pig Production, Aquaculture, Salinity & Stability, Horticulture & Floriculture, Grain Handling/Processing/Export and Marketing.

Just a few examples:


congress_14th_4 congress_14th_5 congress_14th_6

 Wool Processing, Grain (storage and handling)

congress_14th_7 congress_14th_8 congress_14th_9

Horticulture (strawberries and navel oranges – Westralian Fruits)

congress_14th_10 congress_14th_11 congress_14th_12

and Floriculture (Geraldton Wax wild flowers, ready for stem treatment and dipping)

congress_14th_13 congress_14th_14 congress_14th_15

Social Events – Sandelford Winery – wine tour and square dancing + koala bear

congress_14th_16 congress_14th_17 congress_14th_18

Congress Banquet – The Wesfarmers Landmark Congress Dinner

Great entertainment, great food, great company and great dancing!

congress_14th_19 congress_14th_20 congress_14th_21

Accompanied Persons Programme

Spread over three days, a most interesting and varied programme was arranged for those accompanying the delegates to the Congress. This included visits to the Flying Doctor Service, Pearl Fishing and Jewelers, Swan Valley wineries with several tastings of wine as well as olive oil, a gallery showcasing Australian woods and art works, a fashion show of Australian designed clothing, the Perth Mint, as well as the inevitable shops and other visits alongside the beautiful Swan River. Photographs? – Sorry they were all too busy supping the fine wines and eating the delicious food!!

Pre and Post Congress Tours

Pre- North Western Australia Tour – Northern Territories and the Kimberley’s – Jumping crocodiles, aboriginal art (lightning man – ladies beware!), flood irrigation metering system

congress_14th_22 congress_14th_23 congress_14th_24

Ord river Crossing 2 Danes and a Scot looking for crocodiles!, mango and banana plantations

congress_14th_25 congress_14th_26 congress_14th_27

Pre- South Western Australia Tour – Perth, Albany, Pemberton & Margaret River Wool, wheat, wood and wine – oh, and veal and fish too!

congress_14th_28 congress_14th_29 congress_14th_30

Post- East Coast Australian Tour – Sydney to Brisbane via Blue Mountains, Orange, Dubbo, Narrabri, Moree, the Darling Downs and Toowoomba. Cotton seed, lupins and wool production.

congress_14th_31 congress_14th_32 congress_14th_33

Post- South Australian Tour – Desert Farming and Living. (No photos available unfortunately). Starting and finishing in Adelaide and lasting 6 days this tour visited Port Augusta, Andamooka, Lake Eyre, Coward Springs, Marree, Iga Warta and Blinman and covered the driest region in Australia. It involved sheep and cattle pastoralism, Aboriginal culture and food, bush foods, desert camping, opal mining, arid land biodiversity, a flight over Lake Eyre and driving over the Flinders Ranges.

From all accounts this was a fascinating and illuminating tour, and thoroughly enjoyed by a small but stoic group of Congress delegates. After the tour one respectable middle-aged lady was heard to say, “It was great – I’ve never laughed so much in all my life”. Intriguing!