13th – 2002 The Netherlands

7-12th July – Papendal Sports Centre, Arnhem

In 2002, this prestigious congress was organised in the Netherlands for the first time. The theme of the congress was:

congress_13th_1 congress_13th_2‘Feed the World – Please the Consumer – Maintain the Environment’

A most successful and very well run congress, for which the organisers must be congratulated.

To see the presentations, read the papers or view the posters go to the 13th Congress website by clicking on the congress logo above. The presentations are in PowerPoint .ppt format, and the papers and posters are available in both Adobe .pdf and MSWord .doc formats in almost all cases.

Below you can gain a flavour of the Congress, the Field Trips, the Social Programme and the Pre and Post Congress tours.

Congress Sessions at the Papendal Sports Centre, Arnhem

congress_13th_3 congress_13th_4 congress_13th_5

Plenary Session (left), Parallel (Middle) and Discussion Forum (right)

congress_13th_6A major high point – Franz Fischler, EU Commissioner for Agriculture’s presentation of his latest proposals for the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy for Europe.

(You can read his, and all the other papers, on the Congress Website @ www.ifma.nl).

Field Visits – 2 days – 6 tour options on each day.

Arable Farms and Research
Arable Research Centre at Lelystad on the Polders

congress_13th_7 congress_13th_8 congress_13th_9

Cereals / potatoes / automatic plot sprayer – excellent facilities for field trials work

Livestock Farms and Research

congress_13th_10 congress_13th_11 congress_13th_12

 Livestock Research at Lelystad – low cost v. high intensity cow systems / Texel rams

congress_13th_13 congress_13th_14 congress_13th_15

Introduction to Blessumer Sheep Breeding (NLTO) / the sheep / commercial rotary goat milking


congress_13th_16 congress_13th_17 congress_13th_18

Flowers (hibiscus and begonias here), tomatoes, bulb sorting: only a few examples of a massive industry.

Social Events – Opportunities to meet people from all around the world

congress_13th_19 congress_13th_20 congress_13th_21

Excellent venues, relaxed and friendly atmospheres, delicious food with a huge choice (the difficult bit!),

congress_13th_22 congress_13th_23 congress_13th_24 congress_13th_25

and great entertainment were the key features of all four social events during the congress.

Partners’ Programme 

An exciting and varied programme of visits (over three days) to Delft (inc. the pottery), the Hague, “Het Loo” Palace, “De Hoge Velue” National Park including the “Kröller Müller” museum, Harderwijk, the Flevo Polders, and Spakenburg.

congress_13th_26 congress_13th_27 congress_13th_28

Grietje & Johanna (the organizers), the traditional costume demonstration at Spakenburg, and pottery painting at Delft.

Pre and Post Congress Tours – each of a week’s duration.

Well organised, thoroughly enjoyable and uniquely interesting. Too much to include, but a small representation of the many and varied visits here.

Pre Congress tour

congress_13th_29 congress_13th_30 congress_13th_31

Aalsmeer Clock auction / flowers awaiting sale / rose glasshouse / Amsterdam; a city of canals and bikes.

Post Congress tour

congress_13th_33 congress_13th_34 congress_13th_35

Idealistic demonstration farm in west Germany / Russian and American machinery on a dairy farm in the former DDR / One of the many hundreds of beautiful buildings in Prague.

(Photos provided by Tony King and Allen Cummins)