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PR – Scope Of The Firm And Management Information In Large-scale Rice Farms

Using results of a questionnaire survey of large farms in California, this study investigated the relation between information management and the scope of firms, especially integration into drying and warehousing. First, the majority of large farms are equipped with information ...Read More

PR – Scope Of The Firm And Management Information In Large-scale Rice Farms

This paper compares the present situation of precision agriculture (PA) practices in US and Japanese rice production and presents desirable strategies for implementation. First, the accessibility of PA technology in the farm equipment market by farmers is investigated through interview ...Read More

PR – Strategies Of Precision Agriculture: Comparison Of Countries With/Without Land Resource (p297-306)

Introduction: The purpose of this paper is to provide farm-level information of the impact of recent policy changes on agriculture in Less Favoured Areas (LFAs). Our main contribution is the presentation of an integrated view of mixed impact of Single ...Read More

PR – Farmer’s Reaction To Decoupling Policy In LFAs: A Farm Based Study In Northumberland England

Keywords: rural environment, agricultural canals, communal activity.

Po. Conditions Associated With Residents’ Participation In Activities For Preserving The Rural Environment: A Case Of Agricultural Canals In Japan

Direct marketing by farmers is considered to be one of the most promising new areas of activity within a diversified rural economy and has received significant support in recent EU CAP reforms. It has yet to be revealed whether such ...Read More