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PR – Financial Measurements To Rank Farms In The Northern Cape, South Africa, Using Data Envelopment Analysis

Producers use financial benchmarking in agriculture to compare financial performance across production years and to compare competitors in the industry. This study determined whether Data Envelopment Analysis could be used to divide farms in the Northern Cape (South Africa) into ...Read More

PR – Financial Measurements To Rank Farms In The Northern Cape, South Africa, Using Data Envelopment Analysis

The potato processing industry production has increased over the last few years with as much as 143% within 10 years; together with this there is also an increased growth in the import of frozen fries. This puts direct pressure on ...Read More

PR – Proposed Procurement Marketing Framework For Potato Processing Companies

Maize Milling firms use complex procurement strategies to procure their raw materials which include price hedging strategies. In this, study basic routine price hedging strategies were analysed as part of the procurement of white maize over a ten year period ...Read More

PR – Basic Routine Sourcing Strategies For Price Hedging Of White Maize In South Africa

Knowing the performance of competing farmers in an industry is very important. This provides farmers with an important tool to evaluate their position against the position of their competitors. Benchmarking is an effective method to evaluate the performance of a ...Read More

PR – Developing A Financial Ratio Benchmarking System For GWK District Farmers In South Africa (p366-379)

South Africa is richly endowed with different indigenous cattle breeds which are adapted to the harsh conditions. The breeders’ society of the Nguni, one of the indigenous breeds, decided that they want to promote the breed through the development and ...Read More

PR – Strategic Marketing Plan To Promote The Nguni As An Indigenous Beef Breed In South Africa (p488-495)

The decrease in South African maize prices has led to a situation where producers are facing problems to cover their input costs. The meat sector came up as an alternative and maize producers begin to explore the possibility of marketing ...Read More

PR – Should Maize Farmers Consider A Long Term Feedlot In Response To Low Maize Prices: The Case Of The South African Market (p287-296)

The use of modern marketing strategies to minimize risk exposure is not a widely adopted practice amongst maize producers. The producers tend to use high risk strategies which include the selling of the crop on the cash market after harvest; ...Read More

PR – Evaluation Of Basic White Maize Pricing Strategies Vs Spot Market Pricing Strategies (p467-476)

The environment in which potato producers are competing in is changing due to changes in consumer demand, market concentration and strict requirements of buyers. Producers need to be innovative and adapt their strategies in order to be competitive. The formation ...Read More

PR – Developing A Framework In Order To Assist Producers In Forming An Alliance As Part Of Their Competitive Strategy In The Potato Industry (p172-180)

Biofuels are becoming an increasingly important source of energy globally. The international biofuels industry experienced tremendous industry growth mainly driven by: increased energy demand and more specific petroleum prices, reliability of traditional crude oil exporters along with political motives, adverse ...Read More