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NPR – A Budget Is Like A Marriage; You Have To Work On It To Make It Work (p252-256)

The key concept of this paper is to emphasize the simplicity and major importance of budgeting. It shows that the essence of good budgeting is changing the original budget as times change and that times invariably do change. It indicates ...Read More

NPR – A Budget Is Like A Marriage; You Have To Work On It To Make It Work (p252-256)

All farm firms, big or small, must manage four different and often intertwined conflicting parts. These are production, marketing, human relations and finance. It’s probably fair to say that in most farms, production is the fun part and finance is ...Read More

AP – The Six Numbers That Show If You’re Making A Profit; Or Why We Need To Be Grateful To Ken Lay

New Zealand is a small nation with 4 million people and a 2005 GDP of US$105 billion. Traditionally the country’s economy has relied on export earnings from an efficient agricultural system. In the past 50 years it has moved from ...Read More

PR – Identifying Training Needs In New Zealand’s Sports Turf Industry

This paper suggests that most small agribusinesses can use a short cut to see how their firms are doing financially. The short cut requires that they calculate and follow (1) profit and (2) free cash flow. Both are defined and ...Read More

Free Cash Flow Is At Least As Important As Profit In Assessing A Farm Firm

This paper takes the notion that entrepreneurs are good for economies and outlines what countries can do to encourage entrepreneurship It suggests that citizen rights and freedom are directly related with entrepreneurial activity. Illegal entrepreneurial activity is mentioned as an ...Read More