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Po. Risk Management Of Livestock During Drought In South Africa Through Raindex: The Case Of Kuruman

Keywords: drought, livestock, rainfall, financial risk, management, Raindex.  

Po. Risk Management Of Livestock During Drought In South Africa Through Raindex: The Case Of Kuruman

Research shows that worker output is not a constant and that labour productivity is internationally an important component of agricultural production. Labour productivity plays a prominent role in creating the competitiveness of a specific farming business and even the whole ...Read More

AP – Labour Productivity In South Africa

Precision agriculture is one of the important agricultural technologies that can assist farmers and managers in promoting long-term success. Precision agriculture can help farm managers increase their management capacity, which is of utmost importance in the highly competitive modern agriculture. ...Read More

A Strategic Approach To The Implementation Of Precision Agriculture Principles In Cash Crop Farming

The South African government initiated the land reform program in 1994, which is facilitated by the Department of Land Affairs. The land reform programme has three divisions, namely redistribution, restitution and land tenure. The main objectives of land reform since its inception ...Read More

Strategies For Successfully Settling Farmers In South Africa

This paper is an abstract of a new book for farmers launched on April 8, 2005 (Nell & Napier, 2005). The two authors, Wim Nell of South Africa and Rob Napier of Australia, have respectively 28 and 37 years national and international ...Read More

Strategic Approach To Farming Success

Confusion still exists regarding the meaning of the organic production system. It can be defined as a holistic production system which enhances the agricultural eco-system by prohibiting the use of synthetic production mediums. It focuses on the improvement of soil ...Read More

The Financial Aspect Of Growing Organic Wine Grapes In The Vredendal District

The Republic of South Africa covers an area of 122 million hectare of which 18 million hectare is potential land for cultivation. Eight percent of the potential arable land are under irrigation, which accounts for nearly half of the water ...Read More

Precision Irrigation In South Africa

Technological break¬throughs in agriculture after the Second World War mainly concentrated on crop production (wheat, rice, and later maize). In the livestock production sector, besides the substantial improvements in the poultry and dairy production systems, the development of the other ...Read More

Adoption Of Veterinary Technologies Amongst Sheep And Goat Farmers In Qwaqwa, South Africa

The main objective of the study was to identify possible predictors of adoption of potatoes into a wheat-based cropping system. In this study nine explanatory variables were tested against two dependent variables (p  0,15). The explanatory variables were gender, ...Read More