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NPR – Agribusiness Excellence Model; Performance Measurement And Stakeholder Linkage Tool (p105-111)

The Agribusiness Excellence Model is a performance measurement tool used in the self-assessment of emerging agribusiness to improve business excellence and performance. The South African government, through land reform and support structures such as the Comprehensive Agricultural Support Programme (CASP) ...Read More

NPR – Agribusiness Excellence Model; Performance Measurement And Stakeholder Linkage Tool (p105-111)

Profit margins have declined substantially over the past 10 years. In order to combat the deterioration of profit margins, farmers have to adopt new technologies to improve the productivity of the direct productive assets (land & livestock) on the farm. ...Read More

NPR – The Main Thing Is To Keep The Main Thing: The Main Thing – Optimal Productivity (p211-218)

Human migration is one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century especially so in Africa. Millions of people are living in camps supposedly temporarily but which in some cases have been in existence for decades. This paper describes the ...Read More

NPR – Some Opportunities And Challenges In Resettling Displaced Rural People In Northern Uganda (p1-9)

Phosphorus (P) is an important nutrient required by every living plant and animal cell, and deficiencies in soils could cause limited crop production, thereby reducing profitability. P is also a primary nutrient essential for root development and crop production, and ...Read More

PR – Winter Grain Response To Phosphorus Variation On Different Soil Types Under Precision Agriculture (pa) (p347-358)

The decrease in South African maize prices has led to a situation where producers are facing problems to cover their input costs. The meat sector came up as an alternative and maize producers begin to explore the possibility of marketing ...Read More

PR – Should Maize Farmers Consider A Long Term Feedlot In Response To Low Maize Prices: The Case Of The South African Market (p287-296)

It has become increasingly important for Africa to play a major role to combat world food shortage as the world population continues to increases; this goes also for the ability of the continent to provide alternative energy sources. The challenge ...Read More

CS – Excellence Model, A Tool For Sustainable Livelihoods, Development And Entrepreneurship

Land reform is a burning issue in most developing countries; The South African government also embarked on the programme of land reform in 1994. This programme is aimed at redressing the imbalance in land ownership and bringing previously disadvantaged individuals ...Read More

AP – Sustainable Farmer Settlement In South Africa

Agribusiness systems (from ‘farm to fork’) are undergoing enormous changes. This paper first considers the major drivers of change and their dramatic impacts on farmers and farm management systems. Drawing on the authors’ experiences working with farmers around the world ...Read More

AP – How The World’s Leading Farmers Are Responding To Global Changes -a Consultant’s Review

Keywords: variable rate fertilizer application, profitability, single rate application, yield monitor data, on-farm comparisons.

Po. The Profitability Of Variable Rate Application Of Nitrogen

Keywords: competitive advantage, strategies, farming success, global changes, multiplier effect.