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PR – New Vision For New Zealand Strong Wool Industry (p254-264)

The NZ wool industry has been in significant strife for a number of years due to long-term competition from synthetic fibres, the lack of cohesion amongst key players along the wool industry supply chain and the declining returns to sheep ...Read More

PR – New Vision For New Zealand Strong Wool Industry (p254-264)

La Manera case study is one of several developed for an international education programme named Improving Agriculture Students’ Understanding of Global Production Systems through Distance Learning involving cooperation between academics at four universities on different continents: Kansas State University, Moscow ...Read More

PR – La Manera: Strategic Farm Management Under Uncertainty In Uruguay

Globalization is a fundamental force currently shaping agricultural sector throughout the world. To make sound decisions in a globalised economy, agricultural producers and agribusiness managers must have a high level of understanding of the international dimensions of their industry. To ...Read More