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Research With Subsistence Farmers: Lessons From The Edge

The paper highlights recent fieldwork experiences among subsistence farmers in north-central Ethiopia. It begins by describing two interrelated aspects of subsistence farmer-oriented research. These are planning the fieldwork and increasing farmer response. It is noted that activities relating to each ...Read More

Research With Subsistence Farmers: Lessons From The Edge

In Indonesia, national historical records show increasing agricultural credit provision by government, yet farmers seem to be unable to escape poverty. In addition, the repayment of credit has tended to be lower as years proceed. This paper analyses the performance of ...Read More

Factors Contributing To The Performance Of Agricultural Credit In Lombok, Indonesia

This paper analyzes farmer decisions regarding acceptance and repayment of agricultural credit in Lombok, Indonesia. A survey was conducted during July 2001- March 2002 in Central Lombok, where the current KKP government credit scheme is provided to agricultural producers. Three ...Read More

Acceptance And Repayment Of Agricultural Credit In Lombok Indonesia – Farmers’ Perspectives

This paper reports on the development of 4 new instruments to measure impacts of an extension program on farming family participants. A case study approach within an action research framework incorporating qualitative and quantitative domains was adopted to explore the ...Read More