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PR – Understanding The Kondinin Group Phenomenon – A Study Of An Innovative Farmer Organisation (p437-443)

This paper studies the background of one of the largest farmer organisations in Australia and its significant role in influencing practice change and farm management decisions. The Kondinin Group was formed as a self-help farmer group to study farm machinery ...Read More

PR – Understanding The Kondinin Group Phenomenon – A Study Of An Innovative Farmer Organisation (p437-443)

This paper reports on aspects of doctoral research that explores ways of enhancing farmers’ capacity for transition towards more sustainable farming systems. The study was conducted in Australia and India to explore the learning experiences of those who had pursued ...Read More

CS – Complexity Of Transition To Alternative Farming Systems

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PO – Assessment Of Social And Economic Aspects Of Dairy Farm Sustainability In Australia And Canada

A review of 183 papers published between 1990 and 2006 lead to development of a typology of farm management decision making (FMDM) research. An existing model which categorises decision research according to purpose as being either D:descriptive, N: normative or ...Read More

PR – A Road Map Through The Maze – A Typology Of Farm Decision Making Research

La Manera case study is one of several developed for an international education programme named Improving Agriculture Students’ Understanding of Global Production Systems through Distance Learning involving cooperation between academics at four universities on different continents: Kansas State University, Moscow ...Read More

PR – La Manera: Strategic Farm Management Under Uncertainty In Uruguay

Globalization is a fundamental force currently shaping agricultural sector throughout the world. To make sound decisions in a globalised economy, agricultural producers and agribusiness managers must have a high level of understanding of the international dimensions of their industry. To ...Read More

Improving Agriculture Students’ Understanding Of Global Production Systems Through Distance Learning

Fasciolosis is a widespread, significant, endemic problem in cattle in rice-growing areas of Indonesia. Its effects are usually sub-clinical so it remains largely unrecognised by farmers and extensionists. Indonesian and Australian parasitologists have developed a suite of control strategies. Initial ...Read More

Participative Approaches To Enhance Adoption Of Fasciolosis Control Strategies In Cattle In Yogya-Karta Province, Indonesia

Australian farmers operate in one of the most risky environment in the world. They have to cope with various sources of risk in their businesses. This paper reports results of two case studies undertaken to examine the issues of farming ...Read More

Risk Management Strategies By Australian Farmers

There were indications of failure of Indonesia’s agricultural credit program in terms of its inability to increase agricultural production, farmers’ income, and repayment level. This paper analyses the impact of credit provision on farming activities and proposes strategies for improving ...Read More

Improving Living Standards Of Small Producers In Lombok Indonesia: Entrepreneurship Can Be The Key

This paper identifies and examines issues of relevance for increasing effectiveness of entrepreneurial management research. These issues emerged from research into entrepreneurial behaviour and underlying motivations in Sri Lanka. Understanding of socially- and culturally-bound social actors, social actions and social ...Read More