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Abstract: Top producers use benchmarking to compare the performance of their farm operation against that of their peers. Benchmarking assists them to identify strengths and weaknesses of their operation as well as areas in need of improvement. Historically benchmarking has ...Read More


Farmers have been encouraged, for many years, to apply a more formal and rigorous planning approach to their business management functions. The preferred documents accompanying the planning are strategic plans or business plans. Setting a strategy refers to developing a ...Read More

NPR – Farm Management Plans

It was not long ago when farmers were expected to be able to ‘do everything’ on their farm. A farmer’s broad skill set and abilities were directly connected to their strong sense of independence. Today, things are changing and while ...Read More

NPR – Farm Family Business Consultant Peer Group – A Review

A typical farming family with a relatively large and very successful farm. Progressive and well managed. Incorporated with Mom and Dad as the common shareholders. A family farm in the truest sense. An eldest son and two younger daughters, one ...Read More

NPR – Farm Succession Planning: A Workback Approach (p135-144)

Actual observations show that two neighbouring farms will typically report different financial outcomes. One farm will be better off than the other. Same enterprises. Same size. Same weather. The only variable is the difference in management decisions made for each ...Read More

NPR – A Balanced Management Approach To Growing Farms (p244-251)

Key Words: risk, farm management, threats, opportunities