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International Journal of Agricultural Management (IJAM).

The Journal of International Agricultural Management (IJAM) replaced our previous ‘Journal of International Farm Management’ (JIFM) as the official Journal of the International Farm Management Association.  

This Journal (launched in October 2011) is a joint online publication with the Institute of Agricultural Management UK and replaced their ‘Journal of Farm Management’.

The purpose of the IJAM is to provide an international forum and source of reference for those working in agricultural management and related activities, including social, economic and environmental aspects of food production and rural development.  Its objectives are:

  1. To survey and report agricultural business management in its widest sense, including the application of existing and  innovative methodologies to the analysis of production, marketing and agricultural merchandising throughout the whole supply chain, and the diverse use of agricultural resources to support and supplement rural household income and the rural economy.
  2. To encourage the transfer of agricultural management principles across geographical, cultural, social and national boundaries, to the benefit of rural populations in both poor and rich economies.
  3. To report developing pressures on agricultural and rural resources around the world; the challenges arising from those pressures; and the consequent opportunities for managers of land-based industries.

In the side panel alongside you will find several links to information about the new Journal including a link to the IJAM administrative website.

If you wish to contribute a paper please visit the IJAM Admin webpage to see the ‘Guidance for Contributors’ and ‘Contributions Sought’  pages, and download the ‘IJAM notes for contributors PDF’ at the bottom of the former page which gives information on how to submit a paper, article etc. to the Journal Editor.

Members of IFMA can access the new IJAM journal free of charge. Personal registration and subscription details are supplied to new Members soon after their Membership is confirmed. Non-members of IFMA can view Journal issues following one year from publication. 

To visit the IJAM webpage on the professional journal publishing website of IngentaConnect Click here

Also on the IngentaConnect website you can find back copies of previous editions of both the JIFM (IFMA) and the Journal of Farm Management (IAgrM). All with ‘free content’ access – just click the links under ‘Related Information’ on the home page.

The Journal seeks articles from those working in all the fields of farm management.  Therefore it is not just for academics, but is also open to contributions from all those involved in farm management; farmers, growers, consultants, advisers, administrators or those concerned with agricultural policies which have implications for farm management. The new Journal provides a wider perspective and is not limited to peer review papers.

Farm management takes place in a wide range of environments.  Physical resources, the economic and policy environment, technology and risks and farm size, vary considerably.  Farms can range from subsistence operations meeting only family needs to large scale corporations trading between countries.  Differences are obvious, but there is also commonality.  All farm businesses must be managed even though the goals differ.  Choices must be made and risks must be managed.

The purpose of the Journal is to provide a forum for those in the farm management field, to share experiences with others, from which we can all learn. 


Information about the old ‘Journal of International Farm Management’. (ISSN 1816-2495) – Now Discontinued.

We no longer accept papers for JIFM.

The ‘Journal of International Farm Management’ commenced publication as ‘Farm Management International’ in 1985.  In 1992 the Journal assumed its new title. IFMA re-launched the Journal as an ‘online journal’ with the first edition (Vol3.Ed1) in July 2005, and the final edition in June 2011 (Vol5 Ed4).

The Journal was published under the auspices of the International Farm Management Association.  The Association decided in 2003 to move from hard copy format to on-line publication only.

The JIFM was a refereed journal.  Articles submitted for publication underwent a peer review process before being accepted for publication.  The peer review process was designed to ensure that articles meet certain standards and that the Journal is a publication of high academic standing. 

International Journal of Agricultural Management

ISSN 2047-3710

IJAM coverInternational Journal of Agricultural Management (IJAM)

IJAM is co-published by the Institute of Agricultural Management (UK) and the International Farm Management Association.  

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 The new Journal is an online Journal published and hosted on a professional journal website.



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